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A Netflix Series I am Obsessed With!

The series that I absolutely love to watch and that inspires me is: “The Home Edit.”

The Home Edit has a new season with so many fun homes that are re-organized and re-designed.

I myself actually went and got some organziational bins. I truly want to live a more organized life.

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I believe being clean and organized brings such a sense of peace to the home.

What are some daily habits you do to keep your home organized?

For me, I make the beds every single day, it just looks cleaner and more complete.

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Have I inspired you yet to go watch the Home Edit?

And just to add, Clea & Joanna become like your best friends in this show. These two organizers are fun and enjoyable to be around.

If you are like me you will binge the entire season quite quickly.



Christy Lee

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A Netflix Series I have Enjoyed Lately !

One of the latest Netflix series I’ve been watching is:

“Sparking Joy,” with Marie Kondo.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series for many reasons.

I’m always fascinated by Kondos organization transformations.

Even more, I love that Marie Kondo reminds us that cluttered living is a reflection of how feel inside.

Does this series make me want to clean my house.

Yes, specifically it makes me want to go clean my closet!

Have you watched this newer series from Marie Kondo ?

Let me know!


Christy Lee


This is a Fun Netflix Series !

If you like HGTV, or anything along the lines of home makeover .. you’ll love this fun series on Netflix…

The series is called “Dream Home Makeover.”

The McGee’s are the couple behind the dream home makeover and they are very talented.

The rooms and homes are remodeled to perfection and I’ve been an awe of how beautiful they can transform a room.

I may be partial but this couple resides in Utah (so do I), so it’s been fun to see familiar areas when they have designed new homes.

Just another favorite series to add to your Netflix list!


Christy Lee

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I love this new Netflix Show!

A show that has been fun and motivating to watch on Netflix is somewhat new to Netflix called: “Get Organized with the Home Edit. “

The Home Edit is such a fun show to watch because these two women, who also have a team of organizers working under them, are professional organizers. This team of professional organizers do a fabulous job at bringing an aesthetic and organized look to any dysfunctional space.

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The Home Edit group organizes celebrity homes as well as everyday family homes.

I have learned a lot from watching all the Home Edit episodes and want to dig in and organize my house!

Some tips I have learned:

-organize in color

-edit out items or get rid of things you don’t need

-label, label, label.

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Have you watched this show yet?

Let me know a Netflix show you are enjoying.

Folding laundry is much more fun with a good show right?!


Christy Lee


3 Shows Worth Watching on Netflix…

With the current Pandemic .. Netflix has helped our family pass the time. I wanted to share some of my current favorites shows that I have enjoyed on Netflix:

In no particular order:

1-Sweet Magnolias: I’ll be honest, at first I wasn’t sure about the acting, but as time went on I really was intrigued and have not been able to stop watching it.

There are some good twists and turns and it’s been a great show to watch!

2- Selling Sunset: I’ll warn you this season has some language that I don’t love, BUT it’s fascinating to see some of the amazing homes they sell on this reality show.

The show is based in California and it’s about Real Estate Agents selling homes in the Hollywood Hills.

And there’s some drama thrown in of course, so that makes it intriguing as well.

Now I just need the next season to come out:)

3- Stay Here: If you like watching HGTV type shows you’ll love this show!

A top designer and a top real estate agent team up to help improve Air BNB listings. It’s quite incredible how beautiful the real estate spaces change.

Pretty much I want to stay in all these rentals !!

So there’s 3 shows I have enjoyed, now what are some shows you have enjoyed!

I have lots of laundry to fold and am always up for a fun show to pass the time:)

Until next time!


Christy Lee