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A Free “To-Do” list printable I’m sharing to bring you light and peace.

Just this last weekend, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had its General Conference and it’s always so uplifting.

After I hear such wonderful speakers I always want to motivate myself to do better everyday… I particularly … I want to motivate myself and my family to find more peace in life.

I created this FREE printable to encourage my family and anyone else to find that much needed peace we all need.

I hope you enjoy it.

What else should I add to the list ?


Christy Lee

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A New Podcast I’m Loving!

Whenever I come across a great podcast I have to share it.

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As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I love hearing spiritual and uplifting podcasts.

The podcast Magnify is one of my new favorite podcasts!

This particular episode has Lisa Clark Valentine on it and I love her uplifting words!

So if you’re needing an uplifting podcast I hope you enjoy Magnify!


Christy Lee

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One day at a time, one step at a time…. You got this mama!

As a mom to bow 4 cute children, I’m constantly reminding myself “one day at a time.”

It’s easy for me to look at the big picture and get EXTREMELY overwhelmed.

For example, I always have lots of laundry to fold now.

And yet, I’m realizing if I just stop and fold 6-8 items throughout the day…. That pile slowly gets put away.

Baby Kai (3 months old)

Some days I get thinking about how many dinners and lunches I need to make … but one day at a time I can get through each meal and it works out.

I’m currently in survival mode. My 3 month old is adorable but of course needs my constant care, my three year old toddler has many needs too, and also my six and eight year old need mamas help.

Taya, Brad, Cade and Makell

However, if I focus on one item at time… one task before the next … things work out.

I’m realizing the feeling of being “caught up” doesn’t always happen. Especially in this season of life for me, and that’s ok.

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One step at a time and one day at a time… it all comes together.

Don’t get too overwhelmed mama… you got this!


Christy Lee

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All This Time Our Hearts Weren’t Ready For Our Kids To Grow!

I was reading my friend’s post about her daughter moving away to college.

It hit me hard as she wrote that she had done all she could to prepare her daughter to grow up and move away, and yet, she herself hand’t prepared her heart for WHEN her daughter moved away!

Cue the tears!

It’s so true.

Mama’s work hard day in and day out to teach their children how to grow and develop in every way, so that one day the child can leave the nest and grow on their own independently.

However, mother’s can never quite grasp the reality of their children not being under their own roof.

It’s hard to process.

Especially since, for most mothers, they cared for their babies while in the womb.

Then of course, they took care of their child as a helpless and innocent little baby, then a toddler, then a child, then a teenager, and then suddenly….. they are grown and on their own.

No my children are not grown up yet (and I am grateful).

However, my oldest son just turned 8 years old and I can tell you that was the fastest 8 years of my life!

I have watched time and time again how fast children grow up.

And yet, as a mother it seems that children truly do grow up faster than ever.

So can we really ever prepare our hearts for when our child grows up and moves away?

I don’t think so.

Because our job as a parent is to love and protect that child.

With that love and protecting, a separation of any sort is extremely difficult.

It always will be.

However, it’s what we know to be best for the child as well.

And perhaps, with high hopes, when that child is grown and moved out, they will call us mama’s up, and they too will miss us.

It will never be the same, but there will be that hope, that the child will understand, that their mama will never stop loving them, never stop guiding them, never stop encouraging them….because a mother will always be a mother.

Near or far, that mother will continue to shower their child with love.

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So my hope for those that are dealing with their kids growing up and leaving their home, my hope is that that mama will know she is loved. And more so, that mama did all she was supposed to do, to help that child reach a level of independence that must take place for that child to grow.

The love never ends, no matter the age or the distance, mama will still have that mama heart that will always care for her children.



Christy Lee

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If You Have Ever Wanted To Try Seint Makeup Now Is The Time With The August Rush Sale!

Seint makeup is my very favorite makeup!

I love that Seint makeup is gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

Seint makeup has a beautiful, natural look with it’s cream based foundation.

If you would like a color match, send me an e-mail, I am here to help!


Christy Lee


These Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Bars Are A Family Favorite!

Recently our little family of 6 went camping.

I always try to make a home made treat when we are going camping, and this time I wanted to make sure they were gluten free.

My 6 year old daughter has had trouble with gluten so right now she is eating gluten free and my goal is to make it easy for her!

close up photo of creamy peanut butter
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So I whipped up these gluten free peanut butter bars and they were gone in no time!

As mentioned in the recipe, I use cup4cup flour, whats your favorite gluten-free flour?

person making dough
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I hope you enjoy the recipe and share it with other gluten-free friends!


Christy Lee

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Some of My Favorite Prime Day Deals I Had to Share !

Prime Day has some amazing deals right now!

  1. This Lewant Electric water gun is perfect for kids or adults!

The price has come down from $39.99 to ONLY $22.99 on Prime Days! Don’t miss out on a fun way to play outside!

2- Sueseip Kids Smart Watch is another great buy today!

This smart watch is only $27.18 which is down 15% from it’s normal price for Prime Day!

This smart watch has 24 games, pedometer, camera, calculator, recorder, flashlight, music, alarm, and more! The perfect gift for your young kids!

3- The Tineco Wet/Dry Vacuum is always on my list because I use mine every, single day.

The wet/dry vac cleans up messes quickly. I am always amazed how well it cleans up pet hair as well.

And for Prime Days the price of this wet/dry vac is only $159.99 which is down 30% from it’s regular price of $229.99

Don’t miss out on a great deal that your home will benefit from!

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Cleaning/organizing, Clothing & Accessories

Amazon Prime Day July 11-12…Get Ready For Some Posts From Me Featuring A Wide Variety of Items!

Amazon prime day is July 11-12 and is a great day to get some fun items!

amazon prime package on the porch put upside down
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Some items I will be looking for and posting about:

1- Inflatable bounce house/water slides

2-Kids Toys

3-Gluten free items

4- Clothes

5- Electronics

6- Home decor

7-Cleaning supplies

What else are you looking for? Let me know I would love to help you out by finding a great deal!


Christy Lee

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A Kitchen Item I Recommend to Everyone.

Whether you are buying a gift for someone or if you don’t have these items yourself, I believe that these 2- piece glass measuring cups are a “MUST-HAVE” in every kitchen!

These glass measuring cups are able to go in the microwave and are dishwasher safe which I love.

Whether you use these measuring cups for dry or wet ingredients they are handy.

I love using these measuring cups and I found them on for just $32.14 for the set of two.

If you enjoy cooking, or know someone that does, make sure they have these glass measuring cups…they are a kitchen essential in my book!


Christy Lee