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Sunday thoughts….

As I sit here thinking about what our Sunday consisted of .. it makes me smile:

-We have my husband home, no work to go to.

-The kids enjoy making homemade bread with their dad.

– Having a good visit with family and neighbors.

-Cooking up a yummy roast for dinner with garden vegetables.. Delicious.

-Having church at home and talking about how we can be more like the Savior.

-Being outside as a family on a warm summer night,without a care in the world .. Peace.

It’s a time to reflect on life and a time to connect with loved one and to learn more about our Savior.

Sunday’s bring such peace to the soul in so many ways.

I love that Sunday’s feel different than other days.

It makes it even more special to have Sunday come once a week.

When I think about true, genuine happiness … Sunday’s with church and family are at the top of my list!

Happy Sunday and enjoy the rest of your week!


Christy Lee

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8 Self Care Tips You Must Try Today:


 With the pandemic still going strong .. it’s important to remember activities to deplete the stress and worry from our lives.


 Here are 8 self care tips you must try today!

1-Go outside

 There’s just something about nature and being outside that eases tension and stress. Whether you go outside to be productive or to just sit and take in the scenery… going outside is a great way to clear our minds.


2-Disconnect and read a book

 Reading is such a great way to escape and relax. Just find the right book genre, and your mind will be free from stress.

3-Bubble Bath

 Taking a break to soak in the tub is such a relaxing way to give yourself a break. The warmth from the bathtub also helps you to unwind and get your mind off stressful things.



4-Listen to an uplifting podcast

There are so many positive and uplifting podcasts out there. Find a podcast you love and I think you’ll see how listening can be a great way to de-stress.



5- Walk-

 Moving your body is a great way to unwind and get lost in your thoughts.


6- Turn on some relaxing music

 If you’re one of those people that loves music.. turn on some soft, relaxing tunes. Music truly can be therapeutic for your brain and body.



7-Take a power nap

If you are napping for more than an hour I myself don’t consider that a power nap. I have found that a 20-45 minute nap can do wonders to relax my brain and body, without feeling groggy and tired when I wake up.



8-Go for a scenic drive

Take in the area around you. Don’t go on a busy freeway if you can avoid that… we are talking a low-stress, pretty drive. There’s something about nature that just cures the soul.

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3 Cute & Handy Kitchen “Must-haves”

I am always looking for items to help my family be more productive in the kitchen.

In addition to this, I am always look for items to help my kitchen look cute….some days it can use A LOOOT of help:)

I found all these adorable items for your kitchen from

I recommend’s app, it’s fantastic!

I hope you enjoy some of these items, as always, a great price tag helps a lot too!


(Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!)


1-These Smooth Silicone Spreaders are sure to make my peanut butter experiences better!

My daughter loves peanut butter and having this silicone spreader will help with making sandwiches easier, and even more– will be less messy!

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 11.40.40 PM

The best…these spreaders ship for only $6.98! 

To purchase this item, click here.



2- Wooden Bread Board

How cute are these wooden bread boards?!

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 11.42.06 PM

I have seen many people style and decorate their homes with these cute bread boards and I am ready to snag one myself.

These bread boards ship for just $36.98!

To purchase your own, click here


3-Non-stick silicone over sink drying bar

I think this drying bar is so smart and so nice to have!

Not only is it small and won’t take up much room, but goodness it can help with some of those items you have to wash by hand.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 11.46.04 PM

This Drying bar ships for only $12.48

To purchase, click here


I could add so many more items, but for now…these three stand out the most.

What are some kitchen “must-haves” that you love?

I always love to hear.

Until Next Time!



Christy Lee

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5 “Go-to” Meals that Our Family Loves…

Isn’t it wonderful when you make a meal, and you’re ENTIRE family eats it?!

As a mom with young kids, it makes my day when I can focus on one meal instead of feeling like a short-order chef, cooking multiple items.

I wanted to share with you our families’ FIVE “go-to” meals that even my pickiest eater enjoys!

1- Korean Beef

This Korean beef recipe is easy and a favorite. We make it at least once a month.. sometimes more.

You can eat this meal with rice, noodles or really anything that sounds tasty with it.

2-French Toast Bake

Do you ever make breakfast for dinner? My kids love when I switch it up, and they LOVE this French toast recipe.

Many of you may know that I have to eat gluten free, so I figured out my own way to make this recipe gluten free. But if you want the regular recipe click here . I found this recipe on Pinterest and it’s delicious.

For the gluten-free version click below :

3- Roast Beef & Corn on the cob

You may be thinking, why not potatoes and gravy with roast beef? Well, my kids aren’t big fans of potatoes and gravy.. but if you throw in corn on the cob … they are happy!

To cook roast beef just right I follow this steps:

1-Thaw it in the fridge the night before

2- stick it in the crockpot.

2-Pour 1 cup of beef broth over it and cover it with salt and pepper.

3. Cook on low for 4-6 hours, to your desired tenderness.

4-Grilled Chicken & Carrots

My husband is a master on the grill and we found that if we wanted to get my kids to eat chicken, they love it grilled!

We add BBQ sauce or ketchup on the side depending on preference.

We add raw carrots for a veggie and my kids love it.

5- Rice & Meatballs:

My kids love meatballs but don’t always eat the sauce so I always make sure to make some meatballs that aren’t covered in sauce.

Here is the recipe I use, it’s actually gluten-free but my kids love it!

I hope some of these recipes can be useful to you!

Now the question, what are your “go-to” meals?


Christy Lee

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Why It’s OK to NOT Have it All Figured Out….

I think this post is highly needed for everyone in the world.

It seems we all have our moments, no matter what walk of life we are, where we feel like we should have it “figured out.”

Well guess what?

We shouldn’t.

Why do I say that?

Is it just to make us all feel better?


I say this because if we had it all “figured out” then how would we grow?

Afterall, it’s important as human beings to constantly be improving and growing in all aspects of life right?!

So then why do we beat ourself up when we don’t cook like Martha Stewart or lift weights like John Cena?

Of course there are people that have areas in their life where they thrive. I mean Martha Stewart probably does have one of the greatest gardens out there, but can she change the oil in her car too?

Maybe she can, I don’t know. But what I do know is that Martha Stewart has areas in her life where it’s not all “figured out.” And guess what? That’s great!

The overall point here is to remind you to embrace the areas your working through.

As a stay at home mom of three little kids there’s areas I’d love to have it all figured out. I’d love to have the cleanest home, better family scripture study, workout better…. and the list goes on.

However, at the end of the day, if I can continue to improve myself each day, that’s all that matters.

And we may have days where we don’t do great… because we are human.

So am I giving you an excuse to stop trying and to stop setting goals? No way!

I’m giving you some mercy.

Even more, I’m telling you that you don’t have to get mad at yourself all the time for not being where you THINK you should be in life.

Give yourself a break.

We tend to give everyone else a break but ourselves.

So keep chugging along, doing your best.

And just remember, NOBODY has it all “figured-out.”

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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My Favorite Places to Find Gluten-Free Recipes

After years of eating gluten-free I have found some GREAT resources when it comes to finding tasty gluten-free recipes and meals.

I hope you will find these resources helpful, even if you don’t have to eat gluten-free I think you’ll enjoy it!

To watch my YouTube video on this look below:

1- Download the “Tasty” app! This app is so helpful and has so many gluten-free recipes. It shows ratings on how well people have liked the meal and the instructions are great and easy to follow.

You can also save your favorite recipes to come back to.

2- Get meal plans from :

The best option is to buy them for a year which is only $48.00

The recipes are sent to you weekly via email.

It’s 6 days worth of dinner meals and each meal has the main meal, a side dish and dessert.

I printed my recipes off on paper and created my own cookbook with these meal plans and I use them frequently.

I love the Six Sister’s Stuff and think you will too!

3- Go to:

This website has endless meal prep recipes and even better?! They are ALL gluten free!

The recipes on the website are tasty and easy to follow.

JaNae Cox is the founder of Clean Monday Meals and she has wonderful ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Check out her website, and she also has book options available for purchasing!

4- Don’t be scared to pull out those delicious family recipes books and replace regular flour with gluten free flour.

Sometimes it takes experimenting but it’s so rewarding to create that delicious meal you loved from grandma .. and make it gluten -free!

Create your own gluten-free recipes with just a bit of an adjustment

My favorite flours that are gluten free are: cup4cup, namaste, and better batter flour.

5- Pinterest!

You can find me on Pinterest “christyleepixx” and I have pinned a lot of great gluten-free recipes.

Even more, start finding some yummy gluten-free recipes and save them to your Pinterest page.

Pinterest app

Yes you may make some “Pinterest fails,” but it’s worth it to find some of those tasty “Pinterest wins.”

I hope this helps you find more gluten-free recipes!

The resources out there are wonderful these days and I’m so happy to see gluten-free friendly meals popping up all over now.

Do you have any great places YOU look for gluten- free recipes?

Until next time!


Christy Lee

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10 Facts that Most People Don’t know about Me…

1- I like most genres of music, and can remember lyrics to songs better than I can remember my social security number or my address.

2- I get Separation Anxiety when I’m away from my kids for too long. I have not left all three kids for an overnight trip and don’t know when I will.

3- When I was about 14 months old I contracted pneumonia and was placed in an oxygen tent… doctors were worried I would not survive.

4- I don’t like buying socks. I’d rather spend money on cute shirts or pants etc.

5- I’m scared to swim in the ocean.

6- My favorite candy bar is Reese’s, but I do not like Reese’s pieces.

7- I’m a Germaphobe… I wash my hands a lot.

8- I got my first cavity at 27 years old.

9- Textures bother me— when someone runs their hands across the carpet it wigs me out for some reason ?!

10. My favorite home cooked meal is roast beef and potatoes and gravy.

Me with my family at home… our favorite place to be!

Sometimes it’s fun to learn about people this way. I’ve had my blog now for about 18 months and it’s been a lot of fun!

Thanks to all my followers .. I couldn’t keep going without you!

I would love to hear some random facts about you as well, just comment below.

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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Getting organized with cleaning your house/Free cleaning calendar

I know what you’re thinking…it’s NOT “spring-cleaning” season.

However, if you are like me, sometimes through all the months of being inside, you feel like you have accumulated more items and it’s time to clean and dejunk! 

Photo by cottonbro on

I have a daily cleaning calendar I am sharing with you. I hope this calendar can motivate you to clean because I want it to motivate me to DEEP clean more. 

I always try to do the basics: dust, wipe down counters, vacuum etc.

It’s those other deep cleaning items that tend to slide by.

As a mother of three young children this calendar list WILL be a challenge.

And yet, my goal is to get my children involved and make it fun!! 

This month you will hear more and more “cleaning” related posts because that is my focus and priority.

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on

My entire life I have found that trying to keep things tidy and orderly…brings me peace. 

Now is it possible to be absolutely clean all the time while your house if full of young children?


BUT–is it important to teach those young children how to clean?


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

In fact, I beg you to teach your children to clean…for their future college roommates, please teach them to clean!:)

No one needs to be obsessive about cleaning, but the skills and the mindset that come from cleaning, are great life skills. 

If you want to join me in prioritizing “Cleaning” for the month of July I would love to share this journey with you! 

Enjoy the free printable:  July 2020 Prioritze Cleaning.

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 10.45.44 PM


Have fun cleaning!



Christy Lee

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Best Marriage Advice I’ve Ever Received….

It was only about 6 weeks away from my up and coming marriage to my wonderful fiancé now husband.

(Below: My husband and I on our wedding day) Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.21.00 PM

I was in Europe on a  trip with family, walking and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

My parents had recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary only six months prior and I had the thought “let’s talk marriage advice with dad.”

I happened to be talking and visiting with my father, and I straight up asked him “So what marriage advice would you give me?”

Without skipping a beat he said “Sometimes you just gotta shut up!” 

I giggled for a minute because it wasn’t exactly what I thought he’d say, but then he continued on by saying:

“When you get mad and upset you can say things that really hurt and you can never take those words back….so it’s best to stay quiet before you hurt the person you love.” 

I LOVE this advice!

Even better, my father, who is wise in so many ways, was the first to let me know that his own advice is a struggle for him, and perhaps that is why he shared it with me. 

My father and I share similar attributes in our personality. We try our best to be kind and pleasant, but we both can get a bit “moody.”  Sometimes that moodiness can make for an unpleasant relationship with a spouse if we aren’t constantly working to control emotions. Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.22.48 PM

(Above: my amazing parents who have now been married 56 years)

I can tell you with complete honesty that I agree 100% with my dad’s advice, I regret that I haven’t always followed it and have said things to my spouse that I now regret.

However, it’s a conscious effort to watch my words, and my HOPE is that as my husband and I continue to grow in our marriage, that I can learn to “hold back” anything hurtful.

My hope is to think through my words, for we all know, words can cut deeper than physical wounds at times. 

Now I must note, that if you’re in an abusive or unhealthy relationship and you are simple “cowering down” so as to not upset a spouse that isn’t healthy either. There MUST be constant communication in a marriage. And yet, that communication should more on the constructive or positive side. 

Trying your best to “shut up” if you have only mean things to say can be challenging at times, but the reward is to not have the extreme REGRETS of speaking hurtful words.

Did you ever watch the Disney movie Bambi as a child?

Do you remember what Thumper said?

Thumper’s mother reminded him to say “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” 

Just think how many world problems we could save if we watched our words and learned when to “shut up” so to speak.

(Below: Our Engagement picture)

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.21.38 PM


So now I ask you…what is the best marriage advice you have ever been given? 

Do you agree with the marriage advice I was given? 


Would love to hear your thoughts on this matter!




Christy Lee

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When We Come Out of the Shadows

The idea for this poem came to mind when I was listening to the radio. They played the song by Linkin Park “Shadow of the Day.”

I’ve heard that song a lot.. but it hit me and I started thinking about the BIG shadow that we are all in right now… the Covid 19 pandemic.

And then it went even deeper and I thought about my own “shadows.” Eight month ago I had a baby early due to a heart condition … I’m still in that shadow but I’m finding that hope.

We ALL have our different “shadows” that we step through.

I hope this poem can remind you to push through and find that HOPE.

Snuggling my precious premie baby hooked up to all her many monitors.

When We Come Out of the Shadows

When we come out of the shadows,

The world will be brighter than before.

The sun will consume our entire souls,

Life will not feel the same.

When we come out of the shadows,

We will do all we can to stay in the light,

We did our time, in dim surroundings,

We will be ready to reappear with an even stronger spirit than ever before.

When we come out of the shadows,

We will vow to recommit ourselves.

Nothing will be taken for granted,

The struggles we endured may have scarred us forever,

Perhaps in a more beneficial way versus an unfavorable way.

Because now those shadows have passed on,

Those shadows that were hard and uncertain.

Shadows that we wondered if we would EVER come out of,

Shadows that were lonely, that were hard, that tested the VERY core of the human spirit.

When we come out of the shadows,

The daylight will illuminate the world.

The light that will seep into us will be indescribable,

The shadows will be left behind , in the past, where they belong.

For now you see… those shadows, shaped you and me,

Those shadows were a test, and at times seemed unbearable,

Still….the idea of HOPE carried us onward.

Knowing that there WOULD be light at some point, someday….brought Hope.

When we come out of the shadows,

The world will be forever changed within our hearts.

Our souls will breathe in peace and and our hearts will swell with gratitude.

The shadows had to happen,

The shadows had to take time,

Because of the shadows, there is a beautiful light,

A light that will forever be brighter than EVER before,

A light that will continue to embrace us through life’s journey.

When we come out of the shadows you’ll see,

Life is JUST EXACTLY how it was meant to be.

The shadows were there, and when they dissipate,

The brightness of HOPE and LOVE will shine beyond description, and as obscure as it may seem,

We will recognize, those shadows were there for a reason because it shaped us into who we are now,

When we come out of the shadows, life begins again.

A new start, a new beginning, with an overhanging luster of Hope that can never be achieved again.

We will come out of the shadows,

We must Hang on to that Hope. 

The shadows are but a season,

The light is close.

Do what you must, work through it with all your might,

Push yourself out of those shadows,

For you will find that light.


—Christy Lee Austin

My baby girl in the NICU


Baby girl was so tough and strong to deal with her rough beginnings.