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5 Things I Learned in College

I was in college from 2003-2008, then went back to grad school from 2009-2013.

I have zero regrets when it comes to going to college.

I feel like college taught me more than academics.

Here is a list of 5 Things I learned in college.

  1. I learned that I was smarter than I thought I was. I have always had to work hard in school, and labeled myself as “average.” However, college was a reminder that even if I wasn’t at the “top of the class,” I still had more intelligence than I gave myself credit for.
  2. Confidence- college gave me MUCH more confidence. Not just with academics but with public speaking, working with groups of people, technology…and the list goes on. If you want to build your confidence—go back to school!
  3. College taught me to work the HARDEST. I say “hardest” because working hard is not always enough…often times, you have to work the “hardest” you ever have. That means sacrificing social life, favorite tv shows, traveling, and more. Working “hardest” means studying through dinner sometimes, or waking up at the crack of dawn to study before other classes begin. It’s extremely hard work at times, but how rewarding it is to know you have worked your “hardest.”
  4. College taught me how to prioritize my life. When you have a full load of classes, it’s important to prioritize which class to study for first, what assignments to get done first, and so forth. Prioritizing is more than just organizing life, it’s making sure you put the most important things first.
  5. Balance-Along with prioritizing life, college taught me balance. Like that one semester I rarely socialized and I got straight A’s, but I realized my emotional well-being was struggling and I needed friends, so the next semester I didn’t get all “A’s” but I did have some fun memories with friends. Because part of college is creating fun memories with friends and roommates.

So if you ever ask me if you should go to college …I’d say “Yes,” …100% you should go to college.

The life lessons learned at college are incredibly life changing.

If you went to college ..what would you add to this list ??


Christy Lee

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My Mantra for life and why I love it…

Do you have a “Mantra” in your life?

If not, I would suggest you finding a mantra that fits you and that you can live by.

A mantra is a great reminder of how you want to live your life.

So what is my mantra?

“Faith Not Fear.”

When did this become my mantra?

Back in my early twenties I saw a very cute sign that said “Faith Not Fear,” and it stood out to me so much I had to buy it.

I looked at that sign a lot as I navigated being single.

“Faith Not Fear” helped me through grad school and working full-time.

This mantra was put to the test when we were undergoing a health diagnoses for my two-year old son.

I remember specifically having a discussion with my husband as we were going to get my son screened for cancer–which is every mother’s nightmare right?! My husband reminded me to lean more on the side of Faith and not on the side of Fear.

We were blessed to find out that my son did not have cancer, he had something called Periodic Fever Syndrome, and it still interrupts his life, but we live in Faith hoping it will continue to improve and that he will be a healthy, happy boy.

Fast forward to the fall of 2019 when my baby girl came early due to a heart condition…my husband and I again leaned on the mantra of “Faith Not Fear.”

During the Pandemic and the “unknowns” that come along with Covid-19, again, my mantra has helped me push onward and remember “Faith Not Fear.”

Or this past spring when Salt Lake City had a 5.7 earthquake with MANY large aftershocks, I had to teach my children my mantra of “Faith NOT Fear.”

You see, naturally, I am a very anxious and pessimistic person. I don’t like that side of myself, but it seems that my brain always turns to the worst case scenarios… and I KNOW it’s not good.

Finding my mantra to have FAITH, and not FEAR has truly been a blessing in my life. It pushes me everyday to remember to be strong.

I value my religious belief in God in my life, and by having Faith in all that happens in my life, is truly what helps me live life to it’s fullest every single day.

So I challenge you… find your mantra.

What can help you the most in life?

What represents you?

What lifts you up and makes you a better person?

A mantra can TRULY help you to focus on the good and to see the beauty around you.

I hope you find your mantra that you can live by.

As always, I would love to hear what your mantra is in the comments below.

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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Things I’m Afraid of…

We all have things we are afraid of in life, so in this post I’m going to disclose all the things I’m terribly and deathly afraid of.

Let’s think about it, is it ok to be afraid of things?


However, we do have to learn how to conquer fears at the same time.

How do you deal with all the things you’re afraid of in life?

1. Snakes— I know it’s a common one but we are talking deathly afraid. There is no amount of money you could pay me to hold, touch or be close to a snake!

2. Swimming in the open ocean. Yes I have done this, but the older I have gotten, the more fears I have such as: sharks, sting rays, jelly fish and more so.. drowning. I’m not the most confident swimmer and had to get pulled out of some large waves once as a young girl —and I still have such a fear of the ocean.

3. Disappointing people. This is one I’m constantly working on, but I’m definitely afraid of disappointing people. This fear of disappointing people can cause issues with trying too hard to be perfect too. It’s an inward battle I consciously have to make but I’m always afraid of being a big disappointment to people I care about.

4. Spiders— similar to snakes, at least I can smash most spiders if I absolutely have to, but seeing them crawl around gives me goosebumps!

5. Tornadoes. I’ve never been in one but the idea of them is nerve-wracking and scary.

6. Major heights- this means I will NEVER sky dive bungee jump, rock climb, etc. I’m too afraid of heights and can’t grasp how it would be fun.

7. Lots of blood— I knew I could never work in the medical field because I have had a few instances where I’ve seen too much blood and it has caused me to pass out—- not my thing.

Whenever I get into an elevator I think of this instance and prefer the stairs for this reason.

8. An elevator getting stuck– in high school I was with a large group of people in an elevator and some girl pulled the elevator doors apart to be funny —and we got stuck in the elevator for a while. We were jam packed only for like fifteen minutes but I felt so anxious and claustrophobic.

So I could continue to add on pretty much all natural disasters but I will stop with eight.

Yes sometimes I face my fears and smash spiders, and sometimes I don’t —- never will I hold a snake.

I’ve come to terms that as a 35 year old woman, it’s ok to have fears. As long as these fears aren’t completely holding one back…. we all have our things we are “afraid of.”

And that’s okay.

What are you afraid of?

Until next time!


Christy Lee

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I have never….

Sometimes it’s fun to learn about each other. I just turned 35 years old and it’s funny to think about some of these things I’ve never done.

I would love to hear what you have NEVER done in the comments below!

I Have Never…..

1. Been to Hawaii and I really want to go! One’s on the bucket list.

2. Made homemade pasta…never learned, and I’m gluten-free so I don’t know if I ever will.

3.Tried coffee. As part of my religion I don’t drink coffee but I like the smell because it reminds me of traveling .. airports have a strong coffee smell.

4. Changed a tire and it’s about time I learn!

5. Skydived and I don’t plan to.

6. Read the Harry Potter series… oops!

7. Lived outside of Utah… I’ve lived in Utah my entire life.

8. Tried sushi. I just don’t eat fish of any sort so I’m pretty positive I won’t enjoy it.

9. Had an ear ache. I’ve heard they are painful and I’m grateful I don’t deal with it.

10. Set a tent up by myself. Probably because my husband is the pro!

11. Failed a class in school… thankfully. I was always the studious type and sometimes stressed too much about bad grades!

12. Been Rock climbing —even though Utah is the perfect place for rock climbing .. heights scare me a bit!

There is more,but twelve is a great amount to share.

Maybe this is the year I try new things… we will see!

Xoxo, Christy Lee

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When We Come Out of the Shadows

The idea for this poem came to mind when I was listening to the radio. They played the song by Linkin Park “Shadow of the Day.”

I’ve heard that song a lot.. but it hit me and I started thinking about the BIG shadow that we are all in right now… the Covid 19 pandemic.

And then it went even deeper and I thought about my own “shadows.” Eight month ago I had a baby early due to a heart condition … I’m still in that shadow but I’m finding that hope.

We ALL have our different “shadows” that we step through.

I hope this poem can remind you to push through and find that HOPE.

Snuggling my precious premie baby hooked up to all her many monitors.

When We Come Out of the Shadows

When we come out of the shadows,

The world will be brighter than before.

The sun will consume our entire souls,

Life will not feel the same.

When we come out of the shadows,

We will do all we can to stay in the light,

We did our time, in dim surroundings,

We will be ready to reappear with an even stronger spirit than ever before.

When we come out of the shadows,

We will vow to recommit ourselves.

Nothing will be taken for granted,

The struggles we endured may have scarred us forever,

Perhaps in a more beneficial way versus an unfavorable way.

Because now those shadows have passed on,

Those shadows that were hard and uncertain.

Shadows that we wondered if we would EVER come out of,

Shadows that were lonely, that were hard, that tested the VERY core of the human spirit.

When we come out of the shadows,

The daylight will illuminate the world.

The light that will seep into us will be indescribable,

The shadows will be left behind , in the past, where they belong.

For now you see… those shadows, shaped you and me,

Those shadows were a test, and at times seemed unbearable,

Still….the idea of HOPE carried us onward.

Knowing that there WOULD be light at some point, someday….brought Hope.

When we come out of the shadows,

The world will be forever changed within our hearts.

Our souls will breathe in peace and and our hearts will swell with gratitude.

The shadows had to happen,

The shadows had to take time,

Because of the shadows, there is a beautiful light,

A light that will forever be brighter than EVER before,

A light that will continue to embrace us through life’s journey.

When we come out of the shadows you’ll see,

Life is JUST EXACTLY how it was meant to be.

The shadows were there, and when they dissipate,

The brightness of HOPE and LOVE will shine beyond description, and as obscure as it may seem,

We will recognize, those shadows were there for a reason because it shaped us into who we are now,

When we come out of the shadows, life begins again.

A new start, a new beginning, with an overhanging luster of Hope that can never be achieved again.

We will come out of the shadows,

We must Hang on to that Hope. 

The shadows are but a season,

The light is close.

Do what you must, work through it with all your might,

Push yourself out of those shadows,

For you will find that light.


—Christy Lee Austin

My baby girl in the NICU


Baby girl was so tough and strong to deal with her rough beginnings.

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Day 20: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If the husband or father in your life dresses up in a suit and tie, this is the perfect gift to give him! 

This personalized Men’s Tie from has an area where you can write a personalized note to dad.

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 10.44.42 PM

The tie comes in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Just think how fun it will be for dad to wear this tie, and to be able to flip it over to see that custom message. 

This tie comes at a great price and ships for only $19.98


To purchase this tie, click here.


More ideas coming tomorrow!

You have less than a week to find dad that perfect gift…good luck!




Christy Lee


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Day 19: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If your dad is active and enjoys working out, OR if your dad is busy and could use a meal replacement, this gift is for him. 

Pro6+ is a protein drink created by the company called Elevated Sports Nutrition. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 10.28.26 PM

This protein drink is a great meal replacement meal, and is also something to drink before and during a workout.

Pro6+ helps your body to build lean muscle, recover faster, replenish electrolytes, AND increase endurance. 

Another great part about Pro6+ is that it DOES NOT contain caffeine, and yet, there is a natural energy boost.

Even better, I have a 10% discount code for you by using CHRISTY10 at checkout. 

To purchase PRO6+ click here.

I hope you enjoy this product, and remember, more gift ideas coming tomorrow!


Christy Lee

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Day 17: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

These Reed Cushion Bounce Phantom Sandals are sure to be comfy and enjoyable for dad to wear.

My husband handpicked this item himself because he loves nice and comfortable flip-flops.

The price ranges between $29-42 dollars depending on the size.

For good, quality sandals I feel like this price is awesome.

You can find these sandals on amazon .. just click on the link here.

More coming tomorrow !!

Good luck finding dad some incredible gifts!


Christy Lee

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Day 14: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Even if your husband just has some “scruff” on his face, not a full beard this gift is great for him AND for you! 

This beard grooming apron connects to the mirror to catch all the hair that is trimmed off!

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 10.16.02 PM

Can we just say “GENIUS?!”

One thing I get annoyed with when it comes to my husband trimming his “scruff” — is the hair that falls everywhere…even when he tries to clean it up!

The price of this beard grooming apron is only $9.98 so snag it up while you can! 

Click here, to purchase this awesome product.

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Day 13: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This may be a bit expensive … but your husbands sure to love this gift!

Buy dad a new :

JBL Flip4 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker.

You can take this speaker anywhere and it’s a good quality brand!

My husband hand picked this for me to post so maybe I should take that as a hint:)

We found this particular speaker on Amazon for $79.95

To purchase this awesome speaker click here