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It’s Not Easy to Send Your First Child to School All Day…

To the moms who have their first child going to school all day.

And Then They Decide To Grow

My son he went to school all day,

He’s excited to be in first grade.

As he walked to greet his teacher, he looked back at me and waved.

I smiled, I waved, I showed him a brave face…

But inside I wasn’t ok.

First day of 1st grade!

My worries, concerns, and stressors took over, and I wanted to stay with him all day.

Would he have someone to sit by at lunch?

At recess would others make sure to include them in their play?

Would he listen and understand all that he needs to?

I just want to make sure he’s ok.

All day long I kept busy, taking care of the two little ones home, but my mind was on my sweet son.

The realization of my anxieties hit me hard… I knew I wasn’t there to protect him.

All his life, until now, I have been the one to protect and guard him most the day.

I was always there for him when he needed me.

Now, I hope he has learned enough on his own… as I send him on his way alone.

I miss that time with my son.

6 years old

Even though I’m so glad he’s learning and growing…

The realization and truth is, this is just the beginning of the growth.

Now he goes to school all day… and time tends to tick quicker.

I know deep down these years will press on… faster and faster everyday.

It is my first glimpse of watching my son grow and be independent… and yet, sad because I loved all of our time spent together.

So yes a little piece of my heart goes with my boy as he leaves for school, I miss being able to be there for him and watch over him,

And yet… he’s doing great and having fun.. I’m so glad he’s enjoying school.

It’s hard for us moms to experience big changes.

The emotions are raw and real.

These kids of ours, they are our world.

And we send them to school, to learn, grow, and achieve.

And one day, they will spread their wings, and fly so that they can create that positive change in the world.

If only they knew what a mamas heart goes through.

And still, we moms are grateful and thankful for their growth.

These children truly are the future.

And these moms will forever be their biggest fans.


Christy Lee

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A Tasty Gluten-free Beef Shephard’s Pie You Need To Buy!

It’s always a good day when I try a gluten free product and it tastes good!

Even better—I love when the texture is great too!

This Beef Shephard’s Pie will check all the boxes for being a good, tasty meal ..that’s gluten free!

Here is how the box looked:

And I found it at multiple stores online!

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Let me know if you try it and enjoy it!


Christy Lee

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What My Sons Wish is For First Grade …

I have a sign for the kids to hold as I take a picture of their first day.

As I was writing on it.. one question said “their wish.”

I asked my son, who is going into first grade what his wish is for first grade.

Without skipping a beat he said:

I wish to have a good school year and that no one gets in trouble and has to go to the principals office.

It was such a cute reply.

Number 1 for First Grade!

We had just talked yesterday about being kind to everyone. We talked about bullies and how to handle them. And we talked about being a good friend to everyone.

I thought it was cute that my little guy just wanted a great school year and for no one to get into trouble! In his little mind, that’s what was important.

So here’s to a great school year to all!

All the kids holding up #1

With hopes that no one has to go to the principals office 😉


Christy Lee


Back to School Items for Moms For Under $25!

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What else would you add to this back to school list ?

Hope you enjoy your time shopping!


Christy Lee


As I Lay You Down To Sleep: A Mother’s Poem

As I lay you down to sleep, your eyes are closed,

You don’t make a peep.

I linger there by your bed for a while,

Just taking you in, it makes this mom smile.

I see the beauty of your face,

I look at every special and unique characteristic that makes you full of beauty and grace,

I study your body to watch it breathing,

To be reminded by what a blessing it is, that I get to raise this incredible human being .

My sweet 1 year old baby girl Taya

I look at you and smile as I think of the funny and cute little things you say.

I look at your hair that’s far from in place, it reminds me of all the fun we have had that day.

As I lay you down to sleep,

I try not cry, or to make a peep.

I recognize how fast you’ve grown,

That newborn babe that I once held tight to my chest,

Is far from gone, and you’ve developed into a beautiful, bright and talented soul.

I think of your qualities, your quirks, your temper,

I think of the amazing talents that you are yet to discover.

I think of how perfect you are there, just laying so still,

A blessing that only a parent can tell.

Me with my son Cade who is 6 years old

As I lay you down to sleep, my emotions engulf my soul.

For I know there are only so many sleeps where I am here with you.

I know that time ticks fast and quick, and sooner than I want, you will grow.

Something that never will change with time, is the love I have for your beautiful soul.

So that is why I must take you in, every bit of you, when you’re fast asleep.

I must capture everything about you,

Because as morning comes, you’re one day older, and one day closer to that grown up you.

As I lay you down to sleep, I breathe in with a breath of gratitude and love.

My sweet girls, Makell 4 yrs and Taya 1 year old.

Our God above has blessed me to parent you in life,

And my heart could burst with love.

Yes, as I lay you down to sleep,

I love to look at the amazing beauty you radiate.

I love you my child, my sleeping babe. Forever you will be the most beautiful little soul I will ever watch grow.


Taking in the little moments with our sweet children….

Just yesterday I had an amazing moment with my adorable children.

My children are: 5, 4, and 1 year old. Life is so beautiful with them but it is definitely hard at times.

Last night, as I was trying to settle my kids down for a story and then oldest two started running from the front door, over to me on the couch.

I was holding my little 1 year old daughter and you better believe she wanted in on the fun.

So my little one year old started running with her older siblings, she would get half way and quickly turn around to come back to me. She didn’t want to run all the way to the door because she wanted to have the chance to keep up with her older siblings who are currently taller and faster than her.

For at least ten minutes the kids were just running together.

Smiling together.

Laughing together.

My 3 little munchkins

And just enjoying each other.

As a mother, watching these kids enjoy running together warmed my heart.


Because I loved seeing my children, enjoy each other. I love seeing these cute siblings bond and spend time together.

Even more, knowing that these little children have each other to grow up with made my heart explode.

What a blessing it is to have siblings and to enjoy great moments together.

heart hand on shallow focus lens
Photo by Jasmine Carter on

As a mother, it’s even more wonderful to see these little children create friendships with each other that will last a lifetime.

It also reminded me, to enjoy the little moments. These little ones grow incredibly fast and these little moments are the highlights we will look back on.


Christy Lee

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Why Do I Forget to do This With My Cute Little Kids?

Many of you are on summer break like we are.

I have three little ones at home around the clock, age 5, 4 and 1.

I love being at home with my kids, I am so grateful to be home with my kids.

And yet, there are somedays when it can be a really, loooong day with these cute kids.


They get grumpy, fight with each other, are picky eaters, make messes, and so forth….

Cade, Taya & Makell with Dad

Well, today while I was down in the basement, I saw some Jenga blocks that we hadn’t played with for months.

I grabbed the blocks and took them upstairs for the kids to play with.

Usually I am trying to clean or fold laundry or do something productive while the kids are playing nicely.

But it just felt nice to sit and play blocks with them.

And guess what? We all played with these block for a good 40 minutes without a big fight or issue.

We all had fun!
Moral of the story?

Play with your kids!

unrecognizable barefoot kid playing jenga at home
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

We all know, but easily forget, that the dishes and laundry can wait.

Every single day, our children are growing bigger and older.

The time truly sneaks by, and I know we will all cherish the memories of playing with our kids.

Until Next Time!


Christy Lee


Why Motherhood Is Messy–a Beautiful Messy

Here me out…I am not here to complain or grumble about Motherhood.

When I say Motherhood is messy I truly mean it in a beautiful way.

Rewind to me being overly stressed not just by Motherhood, but by life…and my counseler encouraging me to make 3 Mantras.

One of my mantras: Motherhood is Messy.

Why that mantra?

Well, ever since I can remember, I have only wanted to be a mother.

Sure finding a job and career was great, but I couldn’t wait to settle down and get married and become a mother.

And I waited.

And I waited.

All through the decades of my “glorious 20’s” I waited to be a mother.

I held many beautiful babies in that decade, and could only hope that one day, I too would have a little child of my own.

Blessings came, the love of my life came and we were married.

It was only 11 months later that we welcomed our sweet baby boy into our lives.

And oh how beautiful was the day when I could finally be a mother.

Instantly, I changed.

In some ways it was a good change, in other ways, not so good.

An anxiousness crept over me.

I wanted nothing but to keep this tiny human child of mine safe and happy and I would do anything to accomplish that.

Anything to the degree of waking up every two hours to rock this new baby back to sleep because he was a terrible sleeper and I wanted to keep him comfortable and happy.

I loved being with my sweet baby every minute, and carried “mom guilt” thinking maybe I didn’t read to him enough, or give him enough veggies and fruits, and the list goes on.

And yet, I loved every minute of taking this sweet baby to the park and cuddling on him and just being with him.

And then I had my second child, and then not too long after that my third child.

I had my beautiful babies, 3 kids in 4 years and I was grateful, and happy but also tired and overwhelmed.

It was messy! I was emotional because I was drained, and I was emotional because I was grateful and happy.

And guess what?

It wasn’t exactly like I had pictured motherhood.

As a child I viewed motherhood as quite simple, and easy and smooth.

I had set this expectation up in my mind that motherhood was beautiful in every single aspect.

And motherhood is beautiful in many ways…but guess what?

Anything that is beautiful, has it’s messy sides too.

If you combine it together, it’s a beautiful mess.

A beautiful mess that I had to learn to juggle differently.

To be honest, it’s a beautiful mess that I am STILL trying to juggle through.

I get anxious over many things with my beautiful kids, and I pray every day to let FAITH rise over my FEARS.

That protective mama bear is real and it can be hard to simmer the mama bear down and let the bear cubs breathe, and learn through their bumps and bruises.

Everyday in motherhood, no matter how old your child is, your mind is constantly thinking about those beautiful babies. Sometimes, it can be a real challenge to find that “balance” in life.

And the big one for this MAMA, is to drop the expectations.

That in no way means to be a terrible, mean, mother.

More-so, don’t set expectations that EVERY day in motherhood will be easy and amazing and if it’s not that YOU FAILED. Because it’s not the case.

Motherhood is messy.

In fact, going to Disneyworld was a beautiful mess too!

It’s a beautiful mess and let’s be honest, most days, there will be some tears in the home. Whether it be from the kids or from mom herself.

And that’s ok.

You know why it’s ok?

Nobody completely has motherhood figured out.

Motherhood is a day-to-day process, where some days look and seem better than others.

However, if you look back at each day, you realize even in the messes, there were beautiful messes.

Simple moments that are dear and precious to mothers hearts, that leave imprints on the soul for good, forever.

Yes, I will tell you time and time again.

Motherhood is messy.

It’s a beautiful mess in every way.

No mother has a perfect day, we are all learning along the way.

And there is NO other mess I would rather be in, then this beautiful, crazy, wonderful, chaotic and heartwarming mess of motherhood.



Christy Lee

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Motherhood unfiltered – a moment that was priceless

For everyone in those years of motherhood where all the children are cute and young, adorable but very dependent … today was a day!

Fatigue settles in and I had high hopes of taking a nap while my two little ones napped hoping my older son would play with some toys or draw a picture…. something, anything.

Just as I was getting my son situated to not need me for a bit… my baby woke up, her nap was over and now my chance to rest was gone.

This is not the first time this has happened so I’ve told myself to never get my “heart -set” on taking a nap… and yet it’s hard to keep going when energy levels are low.

But we do keep going because we are moms and we know that’s what our family needs us to do right?

Baby girl with her fancy sunglasses

Well we had some errands to run and I promised the kids a vanilla ice cream come from McDonalds after errands.

Baby girl who is 16 months had her first ice cream cone and she was messier than ever but loved it so much!

I took baby girl out of the car seat and sat down by her, eye level, to clean her face.

I meant to say “give mommy a lick,” because the ice cream looked tasty and it was dripping everywhere… but instead I said “give mommy kiss.”

Well that little cutie puckered up her ice cream face and went in for the biggest kiss and love.

And then when I asked for another kiss she walked away and was too busy.

It literally melted my heart because the kiss came unexpectedly and so quick, but it was so genuine and sweet.

That little kiss from baby girl reminded me that these little ones may be precious to us, but we are so precious to them.

My 2 sweet girls

Our kids love us and show us small acts of endearment throughout the day, if we can just focus on seeing the love.

That little surprise kiss today was the best “pick me up,” and I forgot about how tired I had felt.

When my oldest climbs in for cuddles … my heart melts

I’ve heard it said a million times, but right when we think we as parents are teaching our kids all the important things in life… it’s truly the children that have been teaching us all along.


Christy Lee