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What This Picture Tells Me…

I came across this picture on my phone, and I froze.

I looked carefully.

Inspected the photo, and realized it was from about July of 2020.

Not quite 2 years ago, and oh, how things have changed.

Cade 4, Makell 3, Taya 10 months

All 3 of my children are much smaller, wearing different clothing sizes.

My girls have different hairstyles due to their lack of hair that was yet to grow in.

My son hadn’t been to public school yet.

No one could tie their own shoes, and all of them needed my help getting dressed.

There was no pressure of homework and learning to read, the focus was more about playing and having fun.

No one was looking right at the camera, because they didn’t know.

I remember some days thinking, goodness, I wish they were a bit more independent …getting in the car to go anywhere was so, very hard.

And yet, I look at this, and I want to cuddle these little ones again.

Yes, not quite two years have passed and they have grown so much.

Two of them are much more independent.

One has been in public school, one is going to school this fall, and another wishes she was in school.

Yes, time is a thief.

Children are such a blessing, in all phases.

All phases of motherhood is filled with trials, but all phases are full of blessings and joy.

My goal from this sweet, simple picture…

Is to love a little longer, and embrace all the moments.

Time pushes onward, too quick, and too fast.

Enjoy those moments as they come mama.

For they truly sneak by too fast.


Christy Lee

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A Netflix Series I am Obsessed With!

The series that I absolutely love to watch and that inspires me is: “The Home Edit.”

The Home Edit has a new season with so many fun homes that are re-organized and re-designed.

I myself actually went and got some organziational bins. I truly want to live a more organized life.

a white wooden closet of a woman
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I believe being clean and organized brings such a sense of peace to the home.

What are some daily habits you do to keep your home organized?

For me, I make the beds every single day, it just looks cleaner and more complete.

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black flat screen tv turned on showing man in black shirt
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Have I inspired you yet to go watch the Home Edit?

And just to add, Clea & Joanna become like your best friends in this show. These two organizers are fun and enjoyable to be around.

If you are like me you will binge the entire season quite quickly.



Christy Lee

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Gluten-Free Sunday Dinner Ideas!

One of the harder parts of the gluten-free lifestyle is coming up with an entire meal that is gluten-free.

I want to help you to make your gluten-free lifestyle easier.

Below is a gluten-free dinner idea for you to enjoy with family and friends.

sharing food
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Main Entree: Gluten-Free Hawaiian Haystacks

Side dish 1: Gluten-Free Banana Pineapple Salad

Side dish 2: Veggie tray of carrots, cucumbers, olives and broccoli

Dessert: Gluten-Free Lemon Lush Dessert

And a Tasty Gluten-Free & Alcohol Free Drink: Cherry Limeade Drink

woman eating on cooking pan
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Hopefully you enjoy this meal plan!

Let me know what other meals you would love to see on here.

Enjoy cooking!

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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God Created Us To Have Joy!

As I write this post, I write it to remind myself, that despite all the difficulties and stressors around us, God wants us to have joy in life!

I have always loved this quote by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

This quote reminds us that there is light and happiness to be found in EVERYTHING, even those things that are hard.

In 2019, I had my sweet baby girl 5 weeks early due to a heart complication called WPW. Baby girl was fragile and small, and was on medicine around the clock to keep her heart in check.

I was nervous and scared in having to care for this sweet baby girl with monitors and oxygen on her at all times.

Just 5 months later after my baby was born, the world shut down due to the pandemic of Covid 19. The same week of Covid, here in Salt Lake, we experienced a 5.7 earthquake!

Stress settled in, fear took over my heart.

And I had my husband who was constantly reminding me to have “faith over fear.” And even more, my little kids were there to remind me that there is joy to be found in all the hardships we were in.

(below a picture of my cute kids during 2020 ages 4, 2, 6 months.)

Despite the difficulties through the year of 2020, my kids enjoyed building forts, driving past the cattle farms, coloring pictures, FaceTiming family….the list goes on.

Yes, my sweet little toddlers and baby reminded me that we truly are created to have joy. It’s inevitable that we will suffer trials and hardships. And yet, our Heavenly Father does not want us to wallow in our struggles.

Heavenly Father is just like any parent and wants us to enjoy all the moments of life that we can.

I am so thankful for this constant reminder in life.

Even more, I am grateful for sweet children who remind me to smile, have fun, and to enjoy life.


Christy Lee

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Our Little Love Story/Part 5–Mother’s Know Best.

Well I have to admit, for both of us it wasn’t completely a blind date. We had seen each other very briefly at a birthday party one year prior.

At this point, I am 27 years old and many people had “blind dates,” for me.

I will admit not all my blind dates were rough, but quite a few were, and I was tainted by some of the blind dates I had been on.

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Me at this point in time, had just barely graduated with my Master’s Degree in Communications. (May 2013)

In particular, the blind date I had recently been on (before I was to be set up with Brad), was not good, it made me loose a lot of faith in blind dates.

So it was the week before I was to be set up with Brad, and I called my mom and said “maybe I wouldn’t go on this next blind date.”

I thought at this point, maybe I just needed to take the summer off from dating and “re-set.”

My mom has always been a good listener. She listened to my points and said “Honey, why don’t you go on this one more blind date with this nice boy, and then if it’s not great you can take the summer off from dating.”

A Picture of Brad at the time of our first date (2013).

You can’t say “no” to your mom, who you love and has your best interest in mind.

So, I decided to follow through with the blind date…….

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When All Your Tears Have Fallen

When all your tears have fallen,

And your eyes are done with crying,

It seems like you must move on from this heartache.

You continue on in life, get back into routine,

And yet, somehow, something just doesn’t feel right.

Did I grieve too long, or not long enough?

Did I bottle up my emotions too tight?

Did I think I was stronger or braver than I am?

What’s stopping me from picking up and moving on?

The problem, you see, is all doesn’t return to normal again.

Your life has been altered, forever changed.

What used to be, doesn’t work anymore,

You have to completely start again.

Starting again is a challenge. Anything new is hard.

But little by little,you start your new path, and you find a new way in this life.

Never again, will you be the same, forever changed is your heart.

You can’t pick up the pieces of a broken heart, you have to move on with a fresh start.

Some days will be easier than others, some days will be very hard.

Time doesn’t “heal all wounds,” time creates a new path to move from.

You can’t forget the loss you feel, it’s not what’s meant to be.

Love creeps in when we need it. And through prayer and love, God helps us heal.

It’s ok if you still need to cry, it’s ok if you are sad and confused at times.

Just know your loss is because you loved.

And love will never be the same for you, because you were blessed with a life of love.

You experienced loss from love.

Your heart will always save a piece of that love you lost, and you will be forever changed.

Changed in a way so that you can help others, and lift them from their losses.

Changed in a way so that you can show true empathy to those around you.

Changed in a way to know that life truly is too precious and too short, to hold grudges and get upset.

Forever changed somehow for the better, though your emotions feel raw,

What was meant to be, blessed your life.

And now you yourself, are free to bless others.

Yes, even when all your tears have fallen, you won’t forget how the grief felt,

You’ll spread love and peace around you, and realize, that life is meant to be lived. So that you can spread love and goodness to others.

-Christy Austin


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Our Little Love Story/Part 4

So if you remember, my friend had mentioned Brad’s name… and I had remembered that I had met him at a birthday party—I thought he was cute!

Well I remember specifically, after going to a temple session at the Salt Lake temple my friend talked to me and said she thought it was time that I was set up with Brad.

So I told her double dates are the most fun, so I would set her up with my friend—my co-worker.

She was up for a double date, and I liked the idea of a little less pressure on a first date.

I talked to my co-worker about the situation, he was up for going on a double date with us.

Then he asked who the guy was I would be going with, when I told him his name he said “I totally know him, I played church sports with him!”

What are the odds right?

Of course my co-worker had nothing but great things to say about Brad, and it made me even MORE intrigued to go out with him.

However, blind dates hadn’t always been great for me so I didn’t read much into it.

Unfortunately, there were some twists and turns when it came to making sure this double date happened.

Next time I will let you know why…..


Christy Lee

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Our Little Love Story Part 3…

So after I met my sweet friend Whitney, we of course discussed the topic of who we were “dating.”

We both didn’t have anyone special. I told her I dated people, but I was in my final semester of grad school, writing a thesis and teaching school full time, so life was quite busy.

The timing was January of 2013.

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red flower on white sand
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I remember her mentioning that she had a guy friend that she wanted to introduce me to.

When she mentioned his name “Brad” I remembered that I had met him the past summer of 2012.

But I wasn’t set up with Brad right away, and that was ok.

Timing is everything right?!

More to come…


Christy Lee

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What Makes You Happy?

Have you ever thought about this?

Like truly, thought deep to the core, about what really makes you happy?

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, for a few reasons.

Mainly, through observation of many adults, I find that we tend to get into “routines” of life and we forget to STOP and think about what truly makes us happy, and then act upon that.

For example, I love being a stay-at-home mom. I wouldn’t trade my chance to stay home with my kids for anything…however, I have learned that I still need hobbies in life.

And many of those hobbies have become a small side-income and I enjoy the business portion of my hobbies as well.

When I was a young girl I painted rocks, the tries to sell them. My mom was the only one that bought one… and yet, I was fine with that. Somehow I still felt accomplished.

I think this desire for creativity started for me as a young girl… and it’s never left.

It took me until after my 2nd child to realize that I love to “create.” Basically, any things artsy and right-brained is my favorite.

When I cut out that “creative thinking,” I feel like it cuts out on who I am as a person.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

SO I ask YOU, what makes you happy?

Maybe it’s a hobby, or traveling, or cooking or running or studying the scriptures…the list goes on.

But all I can say is don’t neglect those little things that bring you pure joy.

Because in those little moments of “joy,” life truly feels fulfilled.

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Our Little Love Story/ Part 2

So I left off letting you know that I had met Brad at a birthday party…when I asked a mutual friend about him she said he wasn’t the “settling down type.” Which I still wasn’t sold on.

I did make sure to facebook stock him and think “he’s a cute guy.”

And that was that.

Life moved on.

I was finishing my last year of grad school while teaching full time and life was busy!

Fall of 2013 was full of planning my final thesis paper which would be due in the next 8 months, and I had many projects and papers to read in the mean time.

At this point in life, I was going on dates, but I hand’t met “the one,” and I knew at this point in my life, I needed to focus on finishing my degree…while still making sure to be a successful middle school teacher.

My social life had changed quite a bit.

I worked from 7am-3 pm, drove home to relax for an hour. Then would start studying or doing homework for a few hours, I’d hit the gym, eat dinner, then the same thing the next day.

Me with my dad on a trip to Canada Summer of 2013

On Wednesday I would go straight from work to Weber State University for classes until 10 pm.

Life was going along just fine.

And I had somewhat forgotten about the cute boy I met at the birthday party months ago.


One Sunday, I had gone to church and there was a new girl in our ward.

I had only had this happen one other time in my life.

But I had such a STRONG feeling that this girl needed to be my friend.

Call me crazy, but I was drawn to her.

She was kind, she was beautiful and sweet, and very intelligent.

At the time my logical brain said “Christy you can hardly hang out with the friends you have, between work and grad school.”

However, I couldn’t shake that this awesome girl, was meant to be a good friend.

And sure enough, this new friend Whitney, became one of my dearest friends.

We clicked. There was no drama, she was kind and easy to get along with.

We had a lot of things in common and it was just a nice “break” to be around her.

My friend’s name was Whitney, and little did I know that being her friend would make such a big impact in my life.

She is still a dear friend to this day….and because of her, I officially met my husband.

Moral of the story, don’t shake those feelings or promptings you have.

God is in the details and He is always looking out for us in so many ways.

More to come ….


Christy Lee