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A Netflix Series I am Obsessed With!

The series that I absolutely love to watch and that inspires me is: “The Home Edit.”

The Home Edit has a new season with so many fun homes that are re-organized and re-designed.

I myself actually went and got some organziational bins. I truly want to live a more organized life.

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I believe being clean and organized brings such a sense of peace to the home.

What are some daily habits you do to keep your home organized?

For me, I make the beds every single day, it just looks cleaner and more complete.

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black flat screen tv turned on showing man in black shirt
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Have I inspired you yet to go watch the Home Edit?

And just to add, Clea & Joanna become like your best friends in this show. These two organizers are fun and enjoyable to be around.

If you are like me you will binge the entire season quite quickly.



Christy Lee