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Do We Enjoy the Motherhood Journey?

If you’re in the motherhood journey like me, then you know that it’s easy to have those days where you can’t wait for bedtime so that you can be done with the day.

-C. Austin

Motherhood is so incredibly wonderful, and yet, it’s also very tiring and hard.

Every mother out there knows that there are some days that are so challenging … that we just can’t wait for bedtime.

And that’s ok because that is natural. Motherhood is not an easy journey and not everyday is bliss.

However… there is a mindset shift I’m learning as I go about the motherhood journey.

I now have 4 children.. and perhaps knowing that my fourth child is my last has reminded me to enjoy the motherhood journey daily.

Don’t get overwhelmed and think it’s going to be a “long week.”

Find the wonderful moments in motherhood daily… because there’s always something wonderful.

Little kids are the most positive and happiest people I know… and they always have a bright side to them.

If we are always focused on keeping the house spotless, or making sure every meal is perfectly well-rounded with fruits and veggies and protein etc.

We may be too distracted or to stressed out to see the sweet little moments our children can bring us.

It may be something cute they said, or a note they wrote, or a creative song they sang…. Bottom line is… those little moments are what makes motherhood fulfilling.

Motherhood is a day-to-day mindset.

And my encouragement is to me as much as anyone else.

To simply… find the joys in each day.

Our time with little children passes too soon.

And those little moments will be the greatest events for us to look back on.

Enjoy the moments… daily.


Christy Lee

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