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Once Upon A Time There Lived A Mom

Once upon a time there lived a mom.

This mom waited a long, long time to become a mom and she couldn’t wait!

Most moms her age were about done having kids as she had just begun.

This mom knew since she waited so long to become a mom she would be the best.

This mom was going to be patient, never yelling only consoling.

This mom was going to be understanding of tantrums and fits instead of throwing a fit back at the child.

This mom was only going to let her children eat the healthiest of foods, never sugar or fatty oils, just pure, organic goodness.

This mom was going to teach manners so beautifully that everyone would know her child belonged to her because their manners were superb.

This mom was going to have a clean home because her kids would help cleanup messes as they played and they would never just leave messes around the house.

This mom was going to teach her children how to memorize scriptures, and important facts .

This mom was going to soon realize …

That whenever you start with “Once upon a time….”

Well, it ended in a fairy tale.

And all of it was a fairy tale, because this mom, yes— she had waited many, many years to become a mom.

However, she wasn’t the perfect, sweet mom that she was expecting to be.

When her kids threw fits this mom sometimes yelled at them and threw fits too.

This mom wasn’t always compassionate and consoling.

This mom wanted a clean house, but it was never as clean as she had hoped.

This mlm felt like a broken record teaching her kids manners that they seemed to never listen to.

This mom let her kids eat sugar and fatty oils more than she ever imagined she would.

This mom didn’t teach her children to memorize scriptures and important facts. She started to but then…


Then this mom got tired.

This mom got plain old worn out tired.

This mom, —she tried.

She tried everyday and often times felt like she failed everyday.

Why couldn’t she be that mom she had imagined in her mind?

After all, she had waited so long to become a mom.

Nevertheless, this mom fell short some days.

This mom, she felt bad and sad, why couldn’t she do it all?

This mom was overwhelmed.

This mom was overwhelmed physically, mentally, emotionally and at times spiritually.

However, at night, when this mom said her prayers. She knew and felt that God still loved her.

God still loved this imperfect, impatient, not -always-a-compassionate mom.

And it reminded this mom… that despite everything … this mom ALWAYS loved her kids.

This mom always loved her kids no matter how tired or hard or overwhelming things got.. this mom loved her kids to the moon and back, and then some.

So if God loved this mom, and if this mom loved her kids… how could she fail and fall short ?

Maybe this mom was a TRUE mom, who dealt with challenges in motherhood and hoped and wanted to be better—- when all along, the key component was love.

So should this mom try harder and do better?


Will this mom ever be the perfect mom?


Will God still love this mom?


And this mom will remember that if God loves her, and if she loves God and her kids with all of her heart… well then, this mom has the strength to keep on striving to become the best mom she can be.

And maybe, just maybe… this mom, she will make it.

And hopefully her kids will always know and feel of her love.

The love that every imperfect mom has for their kids.

A love beyond words, for a mother always wants to be a better mom, but the key is and always will be…

Forever and ever… is love.

And to this mom and all moms… remember God loves you. Forever and forever.

The End


Christy Lee

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Do We Enjoy the Motherhood Journey?

If you’re in the motherhood journey like me, then you know that it’s easy to have those days where you can’t wait for bedtime so that you can be done with the day.

-C. Austin

Motherhood is so incredibly wonderful, and yet, it’s also very tiring and hard.

Every mother out there knows that there are some days that are so challenging … that we just can’t wait for bedtime.

And that’s ok because that is natural. Motherhood is not an easy journey and not everyday is bliss.

However… there is a mindset shift I’m learning as I go about the motherhood journey.

I now have 4 children.. and perhaps knowing that my fourth child is my last has reminded me to enjoy the motherhood journey daily.

Don’t get overwhelmed and think it’s going to be a “long week.”

Find the wonderful moments in motherhood daily… because there’s always something wonderful.

Little kids are the most positive and happiest people I know… and they always have a bright side to them.

If we are always focused on keeping the house spotless, or making sure every meal is perfectly well-rounded with fruits and veggies and protein etc.

We may be too distracted or to stressed out to see the sweet little moments our children can bring us.

It may be something cute they said, or a note they wrote, or a creative song they sang…. Bottom line is… those little moments are what makes motherhood fulfilling.

Motherhood is a day-to-day mindset.

And my encouragement is to me as much as anyone else.

To simply… find the joys in each day.

Our time with little children passes too soon.

And those little moments will be the greatest events for us to look back on.

Enjoy the moments… daily.


Christy Lee

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A Free “To-Do” list printable I’m sharing to bring you light and peace.

Just this last weekend, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had its General Conference and it’s always so uplifting.

After I hear such wonderful speakers I always want to motivate myself to do better everyday… I particularly … I want to motivate myself and my family to find more peace in life.

I created this FREE printable to encourage my family and anyone else to find that much needed peace we all need.

I hope you enjoy it.

What else should I add to the list ?


Christy Lee

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A New Podcast I’m Loving!

Whenever I come across a great podcast I have to share it.

photograph of text on a red surface
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I love hearing spiritual and uplifting podcasts.

The podcast Magnify is one of my new favorite podcasts!

This particular episode has Lisa Clark Valentine on it and I love her uplifting words!

So if you’re needing an uplifting podcast I hope you enjoy Magnify!


Christy Lee

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One day at a time, one step at a time…. You got this mama!

As a mom to bow 4 cute children, I’m constantly reminding myself “one day at a time.”

It’s easy for me to look at the big picture and get EXTREMELY overwhelmed.

For example, I always have lots of laundry to fold now.

And yet, I’m realizing if I just stop and fold 6-8 items throughout the day…. That pile slowly gets put away.

Baby Kai (3 months old)

Some days I get thinking about how many dinners and lunches I need to make … but one day at a time I can get through each meal and it works out.

I’m currently in survival mode. My 3 month old is adorable but of course needs my constant care, my three year old toddler has many needs too, and also my six and eight year old need mamas help.

Taya, Brad, Cade and Makell

However, if I focus on one item at time… one task before the next … things work out.

I’m realizing the feeling of being “caught up” doesn’t always happen. Especially in this season of life for me, and that’s ok.

person doing heart hand gesture
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One step at a time and one day at a time… it all comes together.

Don’t get too overwhelmed mama… you got this!


Christy Lee

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All This Time Our Hearts Weren’t Ready For Our Kids To Grow!

I was reading my friend’s post about her daughter moving away to college.

It hit me hard as she wrote that she had done all she could to prepare her daughter to grow up and move away, and yet, she herself hand’t prepared her heart for WHEN her daughter moved away!

Cue the tears!

It’s so true.

Mama’s work hard day in and day out to teach their children how to grow and develop in every way, so that one day the child can leave the nest and grow on their own independently.

However, mother’s can never quite grasp the reality of their children not being under their own roof.

It’s hard to process.

Especially since, for most mothers, they cared for their babies while in the womb.

Then of course, they took care of their child as a helpless and innocent little baby, then a toddler, then a child, then a teenager, and then suddenly….. they are grown and on their own.

No my children are not grown up yet (and I am grateful).

However, my oldest son just turned 8 years old and I can tell you that was the fastest 8 years of my life!

I have watched time and time again how fast children grow up.

And yet, as a mother it seems that children truly do grow up faster than ever.

So can we really ever prepare our hearts for when our child grows up and moves away?

I don’t think so.

Because our job as a parent is to love and protect that child.

With that love and protecting, a separation of any sort is extremely difficult.

It always will be.

However, it’s what we know to be best for the child as well.

And perhaps, with high hopes, when that child is grown and moved out, they will call us mama’s up, and they too will miss us.

It will never be the same, but there will be that hope, that the child will understand, that their mama will never stop loving them, never stop guiding them, never stop encouraging them….because a mother will always be a mother.

Near or far, that mother will continue to shower their child with love.

person doing heart hand gesture
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So my hope for those that are dealing with their kids growing up and leaving their home, my hope is that that mama will know she is loved. And more so, that mama did all she was supposed to do, to help that child reach a level of independence that must take place for that child to grow.

The love never ends, no matter the age or the distance, mama will still have that mama heart that will always care for her children.



Christy Lee

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Motherhood: My Last Few Days as a Mother of Three, Soon to be Mother of Four

As some of you may know, we are expecting our fourth child any day now.

In fact, if he doesn’t make his appearance this weekend, we will be getting induced on Monday morning so we can finally meet this sweet baby boy.

There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into having a baby.

We have all the major items ready: bassinet, diapers, clothes, changing table, swaddles, pacifiers, lotions….you name it.

Something I realize my mind needs to prep for is the fact that my other babies, well, they really wont seem like babies anymore.

In fact, having a baby, makes your other children grow immensely.

My oldest son is almost 8 and he already has felt the pressure of me asking him for help a bit more.

My second child, my daughter who is 6 is so nurturing and excited and I know she will love a baby brother, however, there will be some stretching and growing as she sees much of her moms time being utilized by a newborn.

And my current youngest child, who is 3 1/2 years old…well, she won’t be the baby of the family anymore and that’s also a hard adjustment, for everyone.

And yet, I know all our hearts will grow ten-fold as we welcome this baby boy into our home.

No matter what your religious background is, you can’t deny the fact that babies bring a sacredness and beautiful spirit into homes.

Yes there will be sleepless nights, and our house may not be as clean for a bit.

However, it’s all worth it for this wonderful baby that we have hoped and prayed for.

Yes, there will be many adjustments and changes for this mama and my sweet husband as we take on four kids. But we couldn’t be more excited!

We feel so very blessed, and cant wait to meet him!

Hopefully next post, I will have a picture for you.


Christy Lee

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A New Podcast I’m loving !

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts ?

I love to listen to podcasts while I drive or do my hair for the day.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

A recent podcast I am loving is entitled Magnify

This podcast has a wonderful host, she is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her podcast has some amazing spiritual and uplifting stories.

I highly recommend this podcast.

What podcast do you enjoy listening to?


Christy Lee

Free old green mail box
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When People Are Nice–It’s Life-Changing…

This may be a bold statement….to say that something is life-changing, but I can tell you it’s true.

I had a moment to reflect on this today, at the post office of all places.

Now understand, I have never been treated rudely or poorly at the post office. However, usually things are rushed and the workers are trying to hurry to get to the next customer and it’s just a quick transaction and nothing more.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

Free old green mail box

However, today was different.

I was the only person in line, and perhaps that helped.

But I must say, it was so refreshing to have a light—nice conversation with the worker helping me at the post office.

He told me he hoped I was having a good day, and then we talked about the weather—and how the massive snowstorm had effected the postal service trucks from getting places on time.

We were cheerful and nice to one another.

It was simple and easy.

And it made me think…wouldn’t being “nice” be life-changing to the world?

I myself, as we all do, have gone through some challenging times… and when people are rude and inconsiderate, it tends to cut deeper when life is already hard.

However, on the flip side… when ours days have been tough and hard, having someone be NICE is so uplifting and rewarding.

Smiling Earth png sticker, transparent

And most the time, it’s not hard to be nice.

It’s quite easy to talk kindly and considerate to others.

Yes, I truly believe, that being “nice” can be life-changing.

You never know how one simple act of kindess can change the course of a human life.

So why not try and be as kind, considerate, and as nice as possible?


Christy Lee

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A Parenting quote to always remember …

When I saw this quote it struck me.

This quote reminded me that often times, I need to give my children a chance to voice how they are feeling.

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Is this a hard one for you to remember as a parent too?

You’re not alone.

My goal is to remember to let my children share their thoughts and feelings more.


Christy Lee