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My Top Favorite Laundry Cleaning Items!

Part of being a mom is learning to do laundry so that no one can tell that there was a red popsicle stain all over that new shirt right ?!

Here are my favorite laundry cleaning items!

Let me know what you would add to my list.


It’s always so frustrating when you or someone in the family has a nice new shirt and within hours of wearing it…BAM! The new shirt has a NEW stain!

What I use for stains:

Fels Naptha--It truly gets out most things. It’s basically a bar of soap, you scrub it all over the stain and then I have it soak in water for a bit. After it soaks, toss the stained shirt in the wash and 90% of the time you come out with a clean shirt! Fels Naptha works particualry well for baby blow-outs, blood, and ketchup.

 Norwex- I was first introduced to Norwex products a few years ago and I can tell you that I didn’t think I would like the products…but I truly do love the products. Their spot remover works great. I pour the remover over the stain and scrub it out as much as I can, and then throw it into the wash. Most of the time, this spot remover works great!

 Oxyclean Detergent

I love washing my whites with this but you can wash all colors with it as well. The clothes come out looking less dingy and more vibrant which is a huge plus.

Lemon Juice (who knew?)

Another trick for whiter whites is to add about a tablespoon of lemon juice to your load. It’s crazy, but the lemon juice helps your whites look even whiter!

Spray n Wash

My trick with spray n wash… often times I use fels naphtha first and to be honest.. it usually gets the stain out. BUT– if there’s still a trace of the stain, I always spray the area with spray n wash, let it sit a minute, and then toss it onto the washer.


I hope you enjoy some of these laundry products! And even more .. I hope you don’t have too much laundry to fold this week!


Christy Lee