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A Great Deal On Amazon: Swedish Dishcloths.

Have you tried Swedish dish cloths?

If you haven’t tried Swedish dish cloths, you will love them!

Swedish dish cloths clean things so well, and you can wash them in their washer and dishwasher too.

I love cleaning my counters and sinks with these dishcloths.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

At the price of only $13.99 for a 10-pack you can’t miss this deal! (44% off discount)

Enjoy cleaning!


Christy Lee


An Amazon Gift Idea For Mom or Dad

The first of many Christmas Gift Ideas:

I believe most parents can relate, having a messy vehicle can be frustrating!

I myself am constantly struggling to keep my van clean so this item is on my wishlist.

This THISWORX car vacuum cleaner is a must for every vehicle.

The price of this vacuum is only $22.00, and it cleans your car from bumper to bumper.

(Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course at no cost to you!)

To purchase this awesome car vacuum click here.

More ideas to come!


Christy Lee


April Challenge: 20 Days of Spring Cleaning

As Spring is here it truly is a great time to get organized and get some spring cleaning underway.

Here is a FREE PRINTABLE for 20 days of Spring Cleaning.


Whether it be you, your children, or whomever I hope you can have fun cleaning!

Turn on some music, or a pod cast and make your house a home by keeping it clean!

What are some “must-have” spring cleaning items you always have on your list?

I love to get my ceiling fans cleaned!

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Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful spring-time weather!


Christy Lee

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My Top Favorite Laundry Cleaning Items!

Part of being a mom is learning to do laundry so that no one can tell that there was a red popsicle stain all over that new shirt right ?!

Here are my favorite laundry cleaning items!

Let me know what you would add to my list.


It’s always so frustrating when you or someone in the family has a nice new shirt and within hours of wearing it…BAM! The new shirt has a NEW stain!

What I use for stains:

Fels Naptha--It truly gets out most things. It’s basically a bar of soap, you scrub it all over the stain and then I have it soak in water for a bit. After it soaks, toss the stained shirt in the wash and 90% of the time you come out with a clean shirt! Fels Naptha works particualry well for baby blow-outs, blood, and ketchup.

 Norwex- I was first introduced to Norwex products a few years ago and I can tell you that I didn’t think I would like the products…but I truly do love the products. Their spot remover works great. I pour the remover over the stain and scrub it out as much as I can, and then throw it into the wash. Most of the time, this spot remover works great!

 Oxyclean Detergent

I love washing my whites with this but you can wash all colors with it as well. The clothes come out looking less dingy and more vibrant which is a huge plus.

Lemon Juice (who knew?)

Another trick for whiter whites is to add about a tablespoon of lemon juice to your load. It’s crazy, but the lemon juice helps your whites look even whiter!

Spray n Wash

My trick with spray n wash… often times I use fels naphtha first and to be honest.. it usually gets the stain out. BUT– if there’s still a trace of the stain, I always spray the area with spray n wash, let it sit a minute, and then toss it onto the washer.


I hope you enjoy some of these laundry products! And even more .. I hope you don’t have too much laundry to fold this week!


Christy Lee


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Top 10 Cleaning Tips from the Cleanest People Out There..

Does anyone want the secret code to keeping a clean and tidy house?

I went on a quest to find the answer to keeping a clean and tidy home.

I reached out to five of the cleanest people I know and they handed me all the answers.

What was interesting?

In the end, most of their tips were similar if not identical.

Proving, that if you follow these tips…you can keep that clean house.

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In a way, these cleaning tips are a “lifestyle” change. It’s basically guaranteed if you follow these tips, your house will be spotless.

Here are the the top 10 cleaning tips from the cleanest people out there:

  1. Every Item in the home needs a place:

Clutter and mess can be narrowed down to this–every, single item in the home has a “home.”

Even more, put those items in their designated spots. And if there are NO designated spots for items–make one.

For example, mail can pile up and add clutter. Make a designated spot and system for mail. Recycle the junk mail, have a place for bills, magazines etc. If items are properly put in their place, then naturally–the clutter is very minimal.

A huge organization tip that was mentioned time and time again, was that all items that seem to be adding clutter need to be put in their proper places.

2. Clean up after EACH meal:

Yes you heard right. After every meal clean up right away. This means plates are washed or put in the dishwasher, the counter is wiped down, the floors are swept. The entire eating area is clean and ready for the next meal to come.

The logic behind this, is that you will have MUCH less to clean at the end of the day if you clean up after each meal.

3. Make your bed as soon as you wake up:

Basically, everyone that contributed to this post mentioned the importance of making the bed everyday.

Waking up and getting the bed made provides a fresh start and makes the room look clean and tidy.

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4. Prepare for the next day:

Meaning, get your kitchen and living space clean and tidy before bed so that when you wake up you have a clean and organized space.

If you can quickly clean the main living spaces before bed, your next day will be easier and you won’t be playing catch up with cleaning items.

You wake up in the morning with a clean slate, it sets a “clean tone” for the day.

Items suggested: Don’t leave dishes in the sink, run the dishwasher every night, wipe down kitchen counters, return items to their proper areas so there isn’t clutter throughout the house.

5. Make time to clean something everyday:

It was mentioned that the following cleaning tasks were completed on a weekly basis:


-Cleaning hardwood or tile floors



-Clean bathrooms

It was not mentioned that there were certain days to complete each task, but each and everyday, some type of cleaning task was completed to make the home feel more clean and organized.

6. Get the entire household involved in cleaning:

Whether you have a lot of kids or if it’s just you and your husband/roommate at home, get everyone involved in cleaning up.

I was always taught the phrase “many hands make light work,” and this holds true with cleaning the house.

And often times, kids enjoy cleaning more than most people think they do!

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7. Don’t start another task or activity before cleaning up the most recent task or activity:

This holds true for kids and adults. Basically, if you folded laundry, DO NOT move onto doing the dishes or running errands etc. UNTIL all the laundry is put away.

Finish cleaning tasks and you won’t constantly be playing “catch up” on cleaning the house all day.

8. Add refreshing and rejuvenating fragrances to the home:

Many of the clean people I talked to mention that they love to have a candle warmer or a diffuser with clean and refreshing scents to add to the essence of the room.

Just that little extra detail can go along way to making the house not just feel clean, but smell clean.

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9. Toss and De-clutter Items that Aren’t Being Used:

Simple and to the point, if there are items in your home that are rarely or never being used …get rid of those items!

Items that add clutter and disarray are unnecessary.

Try to de-clutter and discard items once a month so that your house stays clean and organized.

10. Don’t keep small appliances on counter tops:

Do you notice that when you go to someone’s house and their kitchen is clean and “spotless” that more often than not, there are NO small appliances stored on counter tops.

Instead, they store their small appliances such as a toaster in cupboards and shelves and pull them out as needed.

Less clutter on the counter, makes such a clean and tidy area.

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I hope these ten items can be helpful and useful to you as you strive for a clean home.

What tips would you add to the list?

I would love to hear in the comments below.


Christy Lee

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Best Organization Tip Ever…

All my life I have learned a lot about cleaning and organizing.

I will be the first to admit I’m NOT the most organized or cleanest… but I’m always trying.

Even more, I love learning new tips and tricks for keeping a tidy, organized home.

Of all the wonderful advice I’ve received or read about when it comes to cleaning and organizing I will tell you the best organization tip I’ve ever received was this:

The one- touch rule!”

What is the “one-touch” rule?

It’s simple.

You touch the item once and put it right where it belongs.

For example, don’t take your plate over to the sink and leave it there with the intention of coming back later to put it in the dishwasher.

You touched the dish twice.

Instead, take the dish, rinse it and put it right into the dishwasher.


Or maybe it’s art supplies you have on your counter. You decide to clean them up, place them to the side of the counter with the intention to put them in the arts and crafts bin later… don’t wait, do it all at once!

The idea behind the one touch rule is that every time in a house should have a proper place.

If you simply follow through with returning items to their proper place … your house stays cleaner and more organized.

At the end of the day, it’s about following through with a task.

So I have to ask, have you tried the “one-touch” rule?

Give it a try if not, and let me know if it helps you keep your home cleaner and more organized.

I am a big believer in the one-touch rule, it makes a big difference with clutter around the house.

Maybe one day, I’ll be able to teach my toddlers about this incredible organization tip.

My goal is to use the “one -touch” rule in my house everyday this week.

Can I do it?

I hope.

I’ll let you know how I do.

And I’d love to have you join me!

Until next time,


Christy Lee