How Did You Serve Your Loved One Today?

If you have followed me, you know that this month my goal is to strengthen and improve my relationship with my spouse.

My sweet hubby and I

With every goal, I invite all of you to join me, you can see the free printable here.

Today I got thinking though, “How did I serve my spouse today?”

And guess what, it’s just those few little things.

I had dinner for us, I made our bed, I washed some clothes.

To me it doesn’t seem like much, but I also know my husband appreciates all those little things.

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SO I encourage you to remember, those little day-to-day acts of service that you give to your spouse, it counts!

I needed the reminder, and quite possibly, you might too!


Christy Lee


Love Your Spouse Month/Free Printable

For the month of February, what better focus to have than to prioritize the relationship you have with your spouse?

Of course, if it’s not your spouse, it may be your boyfriend/girlfriend or partner, it’s all the same.

Why is it important to prioritize these close relationships?

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Because they are fragile, and if we don’t make our relationships strong with our spouse, they can easily crumble.

I would dare say, it’s easy to put these close relationships on the back burner, when in reality, these relationships should be the top priority.

Even more, it’s truly those little things that we do in relationships that help our relationships stay strong.

Hence why when I created the printable, I focused strongly on the little things that can be done to nurture the relationship.

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I would love to hear what you do to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

For the FREE printable, click below:



Christy Lee