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Peppermint Oil for migraines or headaches….

peppermint oil

A few years back I had a friend ask if I could tend her kids for a bit, I told her I could barely take care of my own because I had such a bad migraine. Nothing was kicking that particular migraine and I was pretty miserable. This friend suggested I get some peppermint oil and rub it on my temples as well as the back of the neck. I was up for any recommendation at this point, so I tried it and to my surprise there was some relief!

For me, the peppermint oil did not get rid of the migraine completely, but it was more bearable and it helped me get through the day. After reading up on this remedy it mentions that peppermint has a calming and numbing affect on the body–which is why it can be helpful with headaches and migraines.

I think for me personally, it’s always nice to find a natural remedy for headaches and migraines because there are times when my migraines are so bad that I get wondering how my stomach is handling the pills I’m taking to fight off the migraine pain.


Although peppermint oil may not be a cure to headache and migraine relief—I feel that any relief at all is something to talk about right?

I will add that if you use peppermint oil make sure it’s diluted in water–I have a rollerball of peppermint oil which is already diluted so it’s very easy to roll onto my temples and neck.

Hopefully this little blurb on peppermint oil can provide some relief to migraine/headache sufferers out there….and as always, I am up for any other suggestions. What else do you do to relieve migraine/headache pain?

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