Pick #8

Maskcara Beauty Products 

maskcara palette

Today let’s discuss make up! Let me just say my entire life I have loved playing with make up. I am not a “hair person” because this girl has hard, frustrating hair…but make up is just fun!

Now do I wear a lot of make up? Nope. I have always thought less is more, and also my husband doesn’t like me to get too crazy. However, there is just something about wearing make up that makes me feel put together.

kate before and after (Kate’s before and after her Maskcara makeover)

I have never had any skin issues growing up. An occasional pimple here and there, but I never needed to find make up to help with skin problems….until I had the babies:)

After my second my baby, I started noticing melasma above my lips and on my cheeks. I spent time and money looking for the right cover up because I hated these new “dark spots” that were taking over my face. And then I found out about Maskcara Beauty products….

All I can say is what a LIFESAVER! The highlight colors covered up my melasma much better than any other product. The highlight color is smooth and easy to apply, and I also love the look of a nice, subtle contour on the cheekbone. Then topping it off with some blush on the apples of your cheeks and put a few dabs on your lips and you are ready to roll for the day:)

maskcara highlight and contour

I am truly converted to Maskcara beauty products. One of my favorite parts of this beauty line is that you can have all you need for your face in one pallet! No more lugging around a suitcase full of make up colors.

Cara Brook is the founder of Maskcara Beauty products and she is a very talented make up artist herself.  This beauty line is always coming out with new products that are unique and useful.

If you are interested in trying out Maskcara products I am a Maskcara Artist and can color match you, just go to the link below:



**Here is a fun tutorial of Cara teaching how to apply the 3D foundation**


Pick #7

screen shot 2019-01-28 at 4.05.36 pm

Let’s talk podcasts today. Who listens to podcasts? I used to listen to a lot of podcasts before I had kids…and then I couldn’t remember why I stopped?

A friend suggested this podcast to me and it’s been fun and inspiring. The Podcast is entitled “The Joy Factor” featuring Julie Hansen. Julie Hansen is a licensed therapist and counselor and also is a registered yoga instructor.

The Joy Factor features many different people from all walks of life, and it reminds us how to keep “Joy” as a central focus in our life.

I would suggest this podcast to males, females, in all stages of life. I feel like in our busy, social-media engaged world, it’s easy to get busy with a variety of things and forget to take a moment, to find peace…to find that joy that is critical to making us thrive as human beings.

Hope you all get a chance to listen and enjoy!



Pick #6

screen shot 2019-01-26 at 1.10.08 pm A must have kitchen tool! The Zing! Mini Rocker Bread Cutter

If you’re like me, you are always looking to find items to make life simple and easy.  This pick will do just that!

I actually received this tool (The Zing!) from a good friend of mine as a neighborhood Christmas gift and I have to say it was one of the best Christmas gifts ever.

I looked up the Zing on Amazon and it sells for $7.99 and they are called “Zing!, Mini rocker bread cutter.” I actually haven’t tried it on bread (I don’t eat much bread), but it works wonderfully for cutting brownies and slicing pizza! The best part of using it for pizza is I don’t have to get my pizza cuter out that my little kids are soooo curious about.

The Zing is dishwasher safe and doesn’t have any sharp edges which is nice for toting around, or if you have little kids in your home and don’t like having sharp objects around.

It comes in all different colors and it’s not very big so it’s easy to store.

Check it out:


screen shot 2019-01-26 at 1.20.35 pm



Pick #5

janae Clean Monday Meals

Let’s talk meal prepping….how many of you like to meal prep or would like to? Even if you are only somewhat interested in meal prepping, this pick is for you.

So back-tracking a bit, I have celiacs disease, meaning I can not eat gluten. How much gluten do I allow myself? Zero. The reason being, it makes me extremely sick, and I know how bad it is for my body to tolerate (Plus it can cause colon cancer in my condition.) So looking for good food, that actually tastes good is HUGE for me. Also, my husband doesn’t need to eat gluten free, he mainly does because that’s how I have to eat–so I am always looking for things that taste “normal” especially for my husbands sake!

When I found Janae’s page–“Clean Monday Meals” it was absolutely heaven sent. I have tried the majority of her recipes and there really hasn’t been one that I didn’t like. THE BEST part for me is that all of her meals are gluten free, because she herself has celiacs disease as well. Janae also cooks dairy free, which is great because my son has a dairy allergy and looking for gluten-free and dairy-free that TASTES good, is next to impossible! Somehow, Janae has figured out how to make everything taste delicious despite the food parameters.

Meal prepping is fun when following her page. Her recipes are easy to follow, she provides the grocery list and she has a great variety of food. I actually had some friends come over and we made her meal preps for the week and it was so fun to socialize, and cook and enjoy organizing our week. The BEST part of meal prepping is that instead of reaching for “junk food” to eat for lunch or dinner, you can reach for a tasty, yet healthy meal instead.

My husband has loved when I have meal preps ready for him to take to work so that he doesn’t have to rely on fast food for his lunches. Here are some of our favorite meals from Clean Monday Meals:

*Spicy turkey and green beans with brown rice

*Egg roll in a bowl

*Chicken Pad Thai

*Healthy Ramen Bowls 

I also would like to try her cinnamon rolls and granola bars, I just haven’t gotten to the desserts yet.

Clean Monday Meals has an E-book available and she also has frozen meals and so many great cooking tips as well.

*Remember, even if you’re not gluten free or dairy free her meals are delicious!

Check it out and enjoy:





Pick #4

pro 6

So this stuff is pretty amazing! The top of the bottle explains why I like it so much: “Scientifically proven to build muscle while working out.” Amen to that right?!

I have never liked the “frothy” taste of regular protein powder and so taking protein was never my favorite thing to do. However, in college I minored in Health Sciences and I knew to build muscle I needed the proper amount of protein in my diet. So how do I do that these days??….. with this stuff. You see, this protein isn’t “frothy” and hard to swallow. I put a scoop of Pro 6 in my protein bottle mixed with water, shake it up –and drink it before and during my work out. Pro 6 has a good fruity flavor so it’s like drinking a crystal light while your work out (I’m not choking it down like other protein powders I have used in the past). I have been using this product for well over a year and would recommend it to anybody. Honestly, protein powder isn’t just for people trying to “lose the weight,” It’s a good thing for everyone to drink to keep those muscles strong.

barbell on the floor
Photo by Leon Martinez on Pexels.com

I have been using this product to help me lose the baby weight. I am now 7 pounds away from where I want to be, hallelujah! A cool sidenote…I saw that Taysom Hill (NFL player for the Saints) also uses this protein, that’s saying something right?!

Elevated Sports is the name of the company that sells this protein powder. Elevated Sports has more than just protein drinks available as well. You can follow Elevated Sports Nutrition on facebook, and instagram @elevatedsportsnutrition

And their web page is here: Elevated Sports Nutrition 

Some details about this protein from the sellers page:

Why drink Pro6+…………………………

•Instant delivery of amino acids to the muscles, even during high intensity exercise

•Boosts muscle protein synthesis during and after exercise

•Enhances physical performance, endurance and stamina

•Accelerates recovery and stimulates post-exercise insulin secretion

•Supported by multiple human studies

•All natural, healthy and safe

•Improvements in brain/mood health

•Increased Nitric Oxide “Pump”

•Ensures proper hydration

•Helps overall cardiovascular health

•Promotes healthy aging

****I figured this was a great thing to post at the beginning of the year when we all are striving for better health:)


Pick #3

carol tuttlecarol tuttle page

Pick #3 for me is this wonderful book written by best-selling author Carol Tuttle entitled “The Child Whisperer.”  I was introduced to this book when I was venting to a friend about my son in his terrible twos, and how I felt like an awful mother because I was constantly struggling with his behavior and melt-downs and it was really wearing me down. My friend suggested this book because she had read it and it helped her to better understand her children’s personality/energy types.

Now I get it, not everyone may buy into the idea of energy types, but before you stray away for that reason, give it a chance. I’m telling you, I was somewhat skeptical myself, but as I read about the energy type my son is (a type 3) it COMPLETELY made sense as to why he acted and behaved the way he did. Little things like his eating behavior, he is more of a “grazer” and I never could understand why sitting down to eat a meal was so hard for him.

Even better, there are sections that help parents understand their own energy types. (I am a type 2 energy type with a type 3 secondary like my son, which makes sense why we tend to butt heads at times)

Carol Tuttle also has a podcast she does with her daughter Anne and it’s enjoyable to listen to as well.

So… if you are looking for a good parenting book or even if you’re wanting to learn more about why YOU yourself behave a certain way, it’s worth a read. I wish I had read this book before I taught public school, it would have given a lot more insight.

I will tell you I am re-reading this book to my husband so he can understand my son better too. Now, has this book made me a perfect parent? Nope. I am not nor will I ever be a perfect parent. In fact, this morning I felt awful because I had a good feud with my son and I knew I was not handling the situation well. So I believe every parent will always make mistakes, but we learn from those mistakes and hopefully try to improve ourselves. This book does provide us with more guidance as to how we can help our children be their “true self,” while still disciplining in a healthy and nurturing way.

Check it out, it’s worth a read!

Carol Tuttle’s Child Whisperer Web page:



Pick #2

https://youtu.be/U5o9R9hdCJA    Emily’s youtube channel

The 2019 Positivity Planner created by Emily Norris is a great pick. With the new year, it’s always fun to start things out with organizing your life. I personally love planners—I remember in 7th grade getting a Looney Tunes planner and just finding anything I could to write in it. Planners help me feel more organized, and help me to think ahead of upcoming events. I have been following Emily Norris on youtube for a while now, and I love all her parenting, cleaning, organizing hacks. She writes a lot of her hacks and helpful hints on organizing and such in this planner. Emily lives in the UK so it’s fun to listen to her adorable accent. I paid about $35 for the planner, shipping included.

Even if you don’t get the planner, check out Emily’s youtube, she has some great ideas!

PS-I love the look and color scheme of the planner, don’t you?!




Pick #1

fels naptha 2

My first pick is this wonderful stuff right here! FELS-NAPTHA

I realized not all of my friends know about this cleaning supply so I am always spreading the word about how wonderful it is. It’s gotten out blood, chocolate, marker, newborn yellow baby poop and more. The key…scrub the bar into the stain while using water to rinse it. I have found that it’s best to quickly wash the garment after getting as much out as you can with the fels-naptha bar.

Quick note–it no longer is a cancer causing cleaner.

Useful stuff

Even better….it’s cheap, less than $5 at the grocery store. I have found my soap bars at Smith’s in the detergent isle.

Can also be used to treat poison ivy and poison oak.

Basically, every household needs some Fels-Naptha.



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