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I Love The Reminder That God Doesn’t Expect Us To Be Flawless.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

In our church today, we talked about a talk given by Brother Bradley Wilcox entitled ” Worthiness Is Not Flawlessness.”

I loved so many aspects of this talk, but overall, I was grateful for the reminder that God doesn’t expect PERFECTION.

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After-all, God knew that all of us would fall short, and that is why He sent us the Savior, the one perfect person that ever lived.

And yet, when we make mistakes and mess up, it’s so easy for us to get down on ourselves and feel “unworthy.”

That is not what God wants us to feel.

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God wants us to try every day to be a bit better, but if we fall short, we haven’t lost all of our chances.

I love this quote from Brother Wilcox’s talk that says ” Some mistakenly receive the message that they are not worthy to participate fully in the gospel because they are not completely free of bad habits. God’s message is that worthiness is not flawlessness.”

What a wonderful reminder to keep trying, have the goal and mindset to do your best! And even when we fall short, remember that “worthiness is not flawlessness.”

Also, I write this for you and for myself, remember to forgive yourself when you mess up, and move on.

Dwelling in our past mistakes and issues, never truly helps us move forward.

I hope you know how much Heavenly Father loves us. He always has and He always will.


Christy Lee

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A Quote that I Love for so many Reasons….

Have you ever come accorded a quote and it just resonated with you?

Well this quote did that to me.

This quote is by a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

However, even if you’re not a member of the church I feel that this quote applies to everyone.

It’s easy in our world to see the negative and the discouragement all around us.

And yet, if we look all around us, we truly do have so many reasons to be optimistic.

If we all look at the small and large blessings that impact our lives.. our minds shift and we can clearly see that there is so much HOPE on the world.

Look for the positive.

Look for the light.

You can always find it.

And there you will find hope!

Whatever you may be struggling with, find the blessings, and optimism in your situations in life.


Christy Lee