5 Tops You Will Love Adding to Your Wardrobe for Under Thirty-Five Dollars!

With summer in full swing, it is officially t- shirt season!

I have gathered together some of my favorite t-shirts and tops!

I am always looking for a great deal so you won’t see any tees or tops priced higher than thirty-five dollars!

This summer has been exceptionally hot, so a nice t-shirt can not only look nice, but it can feel nice while enduring this heat wave.

Enjoy your shopping!

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Tabi Top

This cute and colorful top is sure to be one you will love in your wardrobe!

There are a variety of color combos to choose from in this top.

The colorful design of this top is stylish and fun!

The price of this cute top is only $24.99

To purchase, click here

Lemon Tees

Lemons are in, whether it’s in decor or in clothing!

So when I found these cute tees I had to add them to the list.

I love the adorable designs of these t shirts!

Plus, the price of these cute tees is only $16.99

Look at the cute variety of lemon tees to choose from!

To purchase this cute tee click here

Dropped Shoulder Striped Oversize Tee

I love how flattering this cute top looks, the arm length is a great shirt to transition from summer to fall.

What’s even better? The Price of this tee is only $12.00

This adorable tee also comes in a variety of colors to choose from!

To purchase this cute top, click here

Rolled Sleeve Sunflower Print TEE

This cute, and basic sunflower tee is perfect for summer and fall.

These cute top comes in a variety of color and sizes!

This Tee comes in a variety of colors!

The price of this cute top is only $8.00

To purchase this top click here

Olivia Textured Stripe Top

Sometimes just a simple texture adds so much style to a shirt. This shirt has just that…a stylish yet simple texture!

Love this design

Price: $32.99 But use code CHRISTY20 at checkout for 20% off!

Click here to purchase this cute top!

Which one is your favorite?


Christy Lee


This Stylish Cardigan is a must-have for Your Wardrobe!

Jane.com always has such cute and stylish items!

What I love about Jane.com is that their clothing items are unique and decently priced.

If you haven’t shopped at Jane.com, it’s a must!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

Ribbon Cardigan

Even in the summertime having a cardigan on hand is essential.

I will be honest and tell you this adorable cardigan has been on my wishlist for a while.

I love the look of this particular cardigan, and it comes in a variety of colors.

The price of this cardigan is only $22.99

To purchase, click here.

There are always adorable clothing items at Jane.com

I hope you enjoy shopping there!


Christy Lee


5 Stylish Items on My Wardrobe and Accessory Wish List….

As some of you know, Jane.com is one of my favorite places to shop! I love the unique style Jane offers, and I love the fresh new looks that are available right now.

I picked my top 5 Stylish Items on my wishlist, perhaps something will stand out to you!

(Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!)

Ruffle Floral Blouse

This cute and stylish floral blouse comes in two colors, pink or green.

The beautiful, elegant sleeves make this blouse have a dressed up look.

This beautiful blouse comes in green or pink.

This blouse is priced at only $22.99

To purchase, click here

Aria Drawstring Jogger

Joggers are such a cute, comfortable stylish option today!

These Aria Drawstring joggers come in a variety of colors.

The price of these joggers is only $21.99

I know some of the colors are selling out fast so grab them while you can!

These stylish joggers are cute and comfortable, a great option for women of all sizes.

Click here to purchase these cute joggers.

Stunning Bracelets

These boutique-quality wrap bracelets are stylish and cute.

These bracelets have a metal clasp and are high quality.

Even more, there is a wide variety of color combinations to choose from.

At only $8.99, these bracelets are sure to be the perfect accessory to any outfit.

To purchase, click here.

Foldable Wide Brim Visor

These cute visors are a stylish and fun accessory for summertime.

These visors fold up easily making it convenient to take them anywhere!

If you enjoy gardening, these visors are a must.

The price of these visors is only $13.99

To purchase, click here

Medallion Leather Earrings

These medallion leather earrings are a unique design that come in a wide variety of colors.

These earrings are genuine Italain leather, and add such a beautiful style to any look.

There is actually a great Deal with these earrings, it is BUY 3 get 1 FREE!

The price of these earrings is only $5.99

To purhcase, these earrings, click here.

What styles are you loving this season?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,


Christy Lee


5 Stylish Shoes and Sandals for Under $30.00!

When spring in the air, it’s a great time to re-stock your shoes and sandals.

However, who wants to spend all their cash on stylish shoes?

Especially, when you can find some adorable shoes and sandals at a great price!

I hope you enjoy looking at these shoes below and go enjoy some great deals!

And…yay for spring weather to add in some new styles to your feet!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!


These cute and simple quilted slide sandals are sure to be a necessity this season.

Price: $18.00

Click here to purchase.

These sandals come in 3 different colors, which ones are your favorite?


These cute shoes from Shein.com look comfortable and are stylish!

These sneakers come in three different colors: pink, gray and black.

I love that there are NO laces on these shows! These are such simple and easy shoes to slip into .

With the unbeatable price of $14.00, these sneakers are a great purchase!

To purchase these shoes, click here.

These sneakers come in 3 different color options.


These cute and stylish sandals from Jane.com would look perfect with any outfit!

These sandals come in a variety of colors: leopard print, brown and black.

To purchase these stylish sandals, click here.

Price: $24.99

Such stylish sandals!


These adorable metallic moccasins are stylish and fun for springtime!

With the price of only $24.99, you can’t not grab these shoes!

To purchase these stylish moccasins, click here.

Metallic Moccasins


These stylish and cute sneakers are fashionable and a great deal!

At only $26.99, you can’t beat this stylish look.

These shoes come in the color gray or black.

To purchase these fashionable shoes, click here.

Now the question..which ones to buy, they are all so cute!

Would love to hear your favorite shoes in the comments below.


Christy Lee


Top 3 Items On My Amazon Wish-list …

There are always quite a few items on my Amazon wish-list, but these items currently made the top of my list!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

  1. Lovezesent Women’s Casual Drawstring Joggers.

These adorable joggers are definitely on my wishlist!

I love how stylish and comfortable these joggers are.

At only $24.99 these joggers are very affordable!

To purchase, click here.

2. Tassel Statement Earrings

Tassel Earrings are in!

I love the classy and trendy look of tassel earrings.

What’s great is that you can get not just one, or two, but NINE tassel earrings for ONLY $11.99

The variety of colors that come in this earring pack is very cute!

To purchase, click here.

3. Amazon Basics Vinyl Kettle Bell -20 lbs

Working towards that summer body, or just trying to gain lean muscles!

These kettle bells are great to incorporate into workouts. This twenty pound kettle bell is something that I would love to train with at home.

This kettle bell is priced at $34.37 which is a very decent price for a twenty pound kettle bell.

To purchase, click here.

So there you have it, this time around my wish-list is style and strength training.

What is on our wish-list at Amazon?


Christy Lee