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When You Are Tired You Should….

Sleep has never been my favorite thing.

Or more so, I don’t like the idea of going to bed, until I have to wake up early and then I regret that I didn’t get to bed earlier.

young woman sleeping in comfy bed
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There is always so much to get done and completed at night.

Now that I have 4 young kids, I feel like nighttime is when I can clean and plan for the week.

However, my body is constantly reminding me that sleep is key and crucial to function in life.

When we don’t sleep well, everyone and everything around us tends to crumble.

Soo, I slowly but surely am learning, that dishes and chores and everything else can wait until you have gotten your sleep.

Life is better when we are well rested.


Christy Lee

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My Migraine Triggers/What Helps Prevent Migraines For Me.

I am not sure if I get migraines from my genetics (my grandmother dealt with them a lot) or because I have celiacs disease…but I will tell you over the course of the past ten years I have really focused in and found out what triggers my migraines, and what helps.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

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First—I will tell you my migraine triggers because perhaps yours will be similar.

1-Too much sugar!

For example, sour patch kids….they get me every single time! These candies are covered in sugar, and it takes just a small amount and within a few hours, my head is pounding. As much as I enjoy these tasty treats….I avoid them and other candies that are jam-packed with sugar.

If you aren’t sure if sugar is a trigger for you…start tracking it. Think of the foods you ate the day before and the day of your migraine, usually there is a pattern.

2- Lack of sleep.

If I stay up past midnight…I am in a risky zone. More often than not, I will get a migraine from only getting 5-6 hours of sleep. I noticed I would get migraines in college during finals week. What I thought was stress, was actually me staying up late to finish assignments or to study. It’s not worth the late nights for me, and I have reluctantly learned I have to get to bed sooner than I want sometimes.

3- Hormones.

This is one I can’t do a lot about…but I try my best to prevent. During the weeks of my period I always start getting a migraine. I take a magnesium supplement and that helps a bit, and I also take two excedrin migraine as soon as I feel the migraine coming on. I have also tried some roller ball essentail oils that have helped, I just have to continue to reapply.

The rollerball essential oils are: Past Tense from DoTerra, & No More Aches Headache Roll-on by Taspen’s Organics. (PS I am not an affiliate with these essential oils just letting you know what has helped.) The reason I like essentail oils as well is because when I am pregnant I try my best not to take many meds. However, I also get more migraines when I am pregnant due to the hormone increase, so the essential oils have helped.

4- Dehydration.

When I don’t drink enough water, my migraines increase. In the summer I tend to get more migraines, so I am very diligent about drinking a lot of water.

If I do get caught in a bad migraine, something that works for me is 2 excedrin migraine and an 8 ounces Diet coke or Diet pepsi. It usually takes a few hours to fight off but it does help.

I also use this ComfiTech head wrap when I am dealing with a migraine. This head wrap soothes the migraine. I also like that the head wrap darkens the room which is also helpful when dealing with migraines.

So what are some of your migraine triggers?

I would love to hear what has worked for you.

Migraines are not fun, and hopefully if you deal with migraines frequently, you can find a good doctor who can help you deal with the migraines.

Until next time!


Christy Lee


12 Days of Christmas/ Day 8: Tasty Pro 6+ Protein Drink!

Do you have a protein drink that you like?

Well, if you haven’t tried Pro 6+ from Elevated Fit Life you are about to find a new favorite protein drink!

This protein drink tastes like an actual, delicious drink.

I used to drink frothy and gross protein drinks just to get more protein everyday.

But now that I have Pro 6+, it’s easy to drink this tasty drink everyday–and it helps me get my protein macros in!

If you or someone you love is into health and fitness this is the perfect gift.

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This protein drink is priced at $44.99, and if you use code CHRISTY10 you can get 10% off!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

Probably my favorite part about Pro 6+ is that I don’t get sore after workouts anymore!

Pro 6+ has a wonderful formula for helping build muscle, and the flavors are great!

My personal favorite flavor is peach mango, but my husband loves the lime sherbet.

Any flavor is great!

Hope you enjoy this great gift idea!


Christy Lee


This Water Bottle Has Been The Best For Keeping Me Hydrated Through the Day!

Do you want to drink more water, but find that you just aren’t quite getting enough?

This water bottle has been perfect for keeping me hydrated through the day.

I fill the water bottle up each morning, and then I have small goals of drinking water through the day.

This water bottle is not expensive, only $13.59, and I feel healthier and happier getting enough water intake!

To purchase this cute, and motivating water bottle, click here.

Good luck to staying hydrated!


Christy Lee


On the 7th Day of Christmas, a Gift Idea for You…

For those into health and nutrition, this Christmas gift idea will be perfect!

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Elevated Sports Nutrition has a product called PRO6+

(Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!)

dumbbell near plates and metal collars on asphalt
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PRO6+ is a protein drink. This particular protein drink not only helps build lean muscle, and hydrates well, PRO6+ also provides faster recovery when working out.

PRO6+ will be a wonderful gift to find in a stocking this year!

The price for PRO6+ is $44.99, BUT if you use code CHRISTY10 you can get 10% off.

Click here to purchase.


More to come tomorrow!


Christy Lee

active adult biceps body
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5 Items That Have Helped Me to Finally Lose the Baby Weight!

Baby weight can be hard and challenging to get off.

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After having my 3rd baby last October (2019), I struggled to get the weight off.

I don’t think hunkering down through Covid 19 helped much with my baby weight either!

It was time whether I wanted to or not, and I needed to start taking the pounds off.

So far I am 5 weeks into my fitness and nutrition plan and I wanted to highlight the items that have helped me the most with taking down some weight.

Note-I am currently down 9 lbs., I would love to get another 9-10 lbs. off in the next month, that’s my goal!

The process I have used to help me lose the baby weight has been a circuit training workout program along with tracking my calories and macros.

Here are the wonderful items I have used in my weight loss thus far, I am excited to share these items with you and if you have any more items you would add, please comment below!

In no particular order:

#1: MyFitnessPal App-

This App is great for tracking calories and macros. I just use the free version, and its very simple to use. You can even scan the barcode on foods and it enters the calorie information for you, which is wonderful!

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#2: Renpho Scale:

I have loved using the renpho scale. It not only tracks weight, it also tracks, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, provides a chart of your weight loss etc.

It’s amazing!

The scale connects via bluetooth to a free app you download on your phone.

There’s something about seeing all the statistics of your weight that makes this scale different. I actually enjoy hopping on the scale to track my progress!

#3: Pro 6+ from Elevated Sports Nutrition

I love my Pro 6+ protein drink. I always drink this protein drink before, during and after my workout.

I feel that Pro 6+ gives me that added boost I need when working out. Even better, Pro 6+ DOES NOT have caffeine. This protein drink tastes great, aids in building lean muscle AND it hydrates well.

#4: Fairlife Protein Shakes:

I have LOVED these Fairlife Protein Shakes as a meal replacement. The chocolate and vanilla flavors both taste great AND they have 30 grams of protein which is PERFECT for counting macros.

#5: Fitbit Versa:

The fitbit versa has been a lifesaver when it comes to tracking steps. My goal is to get between 7,000-10,000 steps every single day. The fitbit versa has been my favorite watch to track steps, let me know when I hit goals, and many other features.

If you don’t have a watch that is tracking your steps, I highly suggest the fitbit versa, I think you’ll enjoy it too!

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Hopefully these 5 items can be beneficial to you.

I might add, that it’s very important when you are losing weight, to go about the process slow and steady.

I have learned that it’s amazing what your body is capable of when you push yourself physically. Even more, it’s important that you AREN’T “dieting” in a way that you are messing up the body’s metabolism. Do your best, and you will slowly but surely see the results!

Until Next Time!


Christy Lee