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One Habit I’m Trying To Break For Good

We all have little habits … good and bad.

Sometimes these little habits snowball and escalate into something terrible.. and sometimes into something good, it depends on the habit.

One habit I have had for most of my life, is in the category of negative thoughts.

To be specific … I have the habit of thinking “I’m not good enough.”

I get thinking I could be a better mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, neighbor … and on and on.

I recognize this habitual mindset is not only negative .. but it’s quite debilitating.

For every victory in my life… it tends to be coupled with “but am I good enough?”

I listen to Jody Moore’s podcast “better than happy,” and her insight has lead me to realize… this small habit of mine needs to stop.

Maybe you share the same habit?

If so, let’s work on this together.

When our brains run to the negative though of “I’m not good enough,” tell it to stop and remind yourself why you are good enough.

This won’t change overnight … but I know we can get through this.

I’ll continue to check back in with my progress.

And I challenge you to get rid of your bad habit too!


Christy Lee

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A Book I Can’t Wait To Read To Help Me With New Year Habits!

After listening to one of my favorite podcasts 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms I learned about a wonderful book on Habit’s by BJ Fogg entitled “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything.

Just the short introduction I had about this book, I am so excited to read this book and create new, healthy habits.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

The author BJ Fogg has creating habits down to a very cool science.

Fogg has had huge success with helping people create good habits and this book is key to making those new habits work and be successful.

If you have read this book let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

After I am finished reading I will follow up with more, but I am very excited to learn all about how to transform this upcoming year of 2022 by creating good habits.


Christy Lee