Sunday Thoughts: Faith Over Fear, Let’s Choose Faith…

This topic of faith over fear is important.


Because faith over fear is a day-to-day, even minute-to-minute challenge.

In today’s world, where news and information is spread so very fast, fear can trap us and make us feel hopeless.

The definition of fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

There you have it….FEAR is an unpleasant emotion. Fear is an emotion that if it is felt too long, can not only be depressing, but it can be crippling to live with.

Now don’t get me wrong, fear is an emotion in human beings that is necessary to ward off danger. However, if FEAR never leaves us and we are constantly battling a life living in FEAR, that’s unsustainable, and that’s when we need to look to FAITH.

The definition of Faith is “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”

How comforting to go from FEAR and an unpleasant emotion to having “complete trust or confidence. ”

Faith as we know is not CERTAIN, but it’s having the mind shift to know that things can and will get better.

If we had to choose between feeling FEAR or having the mind shift to have FAITH, which one would you choose?

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I can imagine most people would logically say Faith.

So why is it so very difficult to have FAITH when times are hard?

Well, because FEAR seems more logical, and to be quite honest, as human beings I believe our minds have been trained to feel FEAR far more than it should.

When in reality, if our minds had a stronger sense of Faith, think how much more light and positivity we would experience in life.

There are so many different stories and accounts in the scriptures where FAITH has been a key factor in guiding people through trials.

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One of my favorite examples of faith is in the Bible, Matthew 9, where the woman whom had an issue of blood for twelve years had faith that if she touched the Saviors garment, she would be made hole.

Matthew 9:22 “But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; they faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.”

I feel that this particular scripture is empowering and convincing on why having Faith over Fear is crucial.

This poor woman had suffered for twelve years with an issue of blood. Can you imagine what that must have been like for her? Can you imagine the bouts of fear and hopelessness she was sure to experience with this?

And yet, even after twelve years of dealing with this trail and struggle, she choose FAITH over FEAR and it made her whole.

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I know FAITH will not always guarantee that the ending will turn out like you may desire.

But isn’t it better to have hope and faith in the future, than to live with fear and anxiety?

Isn’t it better to feel light and peace, than to feel darkness and stress?

So how do we create that shift from FEAR to FAITH?

Practice, practice, and practice.

And may I add, a lot of praying.

Prayer provides a pathway to Faith. It reminds us that we have a guide, and a source that can conquer all the fears that come in this world. Prayer is our communication with God, and with him on our side, He can help us to choose Faith over Fear every time.

And now, I must be open, and admit, that I write this post as a reminder to MYSELF, that FAITH over FEAR is key to living a happier and more fulfilling life.

Faith helps us to feel whole.

Faith brings hope.

Faith brings peace.

Who wouldn’t want to experience wholeness, hope and peace?

My mind is at a constant battle of Faith over Fear.

And you know what, today Faith is winning.

I hope I can say the same for tomorrow and the next day.

However, it’s a day-to-day challenge, and I strive my best to remember that Faith is light, and light brings peace.

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Yes we have much going on in the world to bring FEAR into our lives, however, we also have much going on in the world to bring Faith.

And I choose Faith.

I know Faith can be by your side as well, if you just let it in.

Happy Sunday.


Christy Lee

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How My Prayers Have Changed as I have Aged…

I remember I was twenty-seven years old praying for the same things over and over and over again.

One day, it dawned on me, and truthfully hit me hard when the thought came to mind “it’s not always the way you want it Christy.”

Yes, it took twenty-seven years for me to understand that I needed to stop telling Heavenly Father every thing I wanted in life, and I needed to start praying that I handled my current situation well, no matter what the end result may be.

You see, it took me a bit to find my husband. For years I prayed for a husband and a family.

One day, with a tear-stained face, I said a prayer and I had the overwhelming thought to “pray to be ok with being single for now.”

No, I didn’t want to be single. But you see, I was struggling with this “single identity.”

In my mind, I was not ENOUGH because I was still single. My self-esteem was rock bottom and I knew it was time to change my prayers and TRULY talk to God.

I knew it was time to tell my Heavenly Father my struggles and trials with being single, and then be in tune enough to listen and try to understand how to deal with my situation better.

Fast forward 8 years … and now I have that wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children .

My cute husband and 3 kids.

My family brings me so much joy, but I also have worries.

From health issues, to safety, to my kids social life… I worry about my little kids a lot. And always, pretty much always, in the back of my mind is my baby girl and her heart problem.

Baby girl was born with WPW, an extra circuit in her heart that can cause an arrhythmia to start and can be very dangerous.

So far baby girl has done well with this condition, but it truly can haunt me if I let it.

So what do I say in my prayers with all the worries and woes that come with having a beautiful family?

I thank my Heavenly Father for the many blessings we have, I ask for many blessing to come, and I plead with him to help me through the current situation that we are in.

We all know that God knows the big picture that we can’t see.

So why do we forget that he knows best how to navigate the present time and can keep us on a happy, healthy track?

Every stage of life we are in, comes with amazing blessings.

And yet, every stage of life comes with some really tough burdens.

Don’t leave those burdens for you alone to lift.

I know God can help us lift those burdens.

He can help us through prayer if we remember to ask “how can I navigate my current hardship?” Instead of “take away this terrible burden that is too much for me to carry.”

Here is a wonderful scripture related to this topic. The scripture is found in The Book of Mormon:

Mosiah 24:14 And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.

So I ask you, what burden can you pray to our Heavenly Father about?

And this time, instead of asking God to take away that burden, ask Him to help you know how to carry it.

I know God is there to help.

God may not answer our prayers according to our desire.

God may not take away some heavy burdens…

But I know Heavenly Father will ALWAYS help us through our struggles.

This I have no doubt.

I hope it doesn’t take you twenty-seven years to learn this, like it did me.

I Pray that you can turn to HIM always.

Have a beautiful Sunday and a joyous week!


Christy Lee