The Reason Behind My Children’s Names….Part 1–My Son

No one ever told me how incredibly difficult it can be to name a child!

For my husband and I, naming our son was the hardest to decide on.


It could be because it was our first chid, and he was our son who would carry on the family name, for whatever reason, it was difficult to decide on a name!

When Cade was our only little guy for a while. (Sept. 2016)

Literally we were about to leave the hospital and we knew we needed to decide on a name.

We ended up naming our son “Cade Roger.”

My husband and I both liked the name “Cade.” We both knew only a handful of people names Cade, and had good experiences with them. So after much discussion we chose the name Cade. We decided to spell it with a “C” since my name is spelled with a “C,” as well.

Cade’s middle name is “Roger” after my father…his maternal grandfather.

My dad is one of my heroes, if my son could be like my dad, I would be happy.

Naming my son after my dad made me us happy. My brother has my dad’s middle name, but none of the grandson’s do. Thus, I was grateful to carry on his name.

Even more, since I am the only daughter of my parents, I won’t carry on the last surname, so it seemed even more appropriate, to name my son after my dad.

In Irish Cade means “pure.”

I always love knowing the meaning of a name before deciding on a name and I liked that “pure” was connected with Cade’s name.

The biblical meaning for Roger means “famous warrior.”

I liked both the meanings of my son’s name, I actually feel like it says a lot about his personality.

And today, at six years old, my little Cade Roger fits his name perfectly!

More to come about my daughters and their names soon.


Christy Lee


As I Lay You Down To Sleep: A Mother’s Poem

As I lay you down to sleep, your eyes are closed,

You don’t make a peep.

I linger there by your bed for a while,

Just taking you in, it makes this mom smile.

I see the beauty of your face,

I look at every special and unique characteristic that makes you full of beauty and grace,

I study your body to watch it breathing,

To be reminded by what a blessing it is, that I get to raise this incredible human being .

My sweet 1 year old baby girl Taya

I look at you and smile as I think of the funny and cute little things you say.

I look at your hair that’s far from in place, it reminds me of all the fun we have had that day.

As I lay you down to sleep,

I try not cry, or to make a peep.

I recognize how fast you’ve grown,

That newborn babe that I once held tight to my chest,

Is far from gone, and you’ve developed into a beautiful, bright and talented soul.

I think of your qualities, your quirks, your temper,

I think of the amazing talents that you are yet to discover.

I think of how perfect you are there, just laying so still,

A blessing that only a parent can tell.

Me with my son Cade who is 6 years old

As I lay you down to sleep, my emotions engulf my soul.

For I know there are only so many sleeps where I am here with you.

I know that time ticks fast and quick, and sooner than I want, you will grow.

Something that never will change with time, is the love I have for your beautiful soul.

So that is why I must take you in, every bit of you, when you’re fast asleep.

I must capture everything about you,

Because as morning comes, you’re one day older, and one day closer to that grown up you.

As I lay you down to sleep, I breathe in with a breath of gratitude and love.

My sweet girls, Makell 4 yrs and Taya 1 year old.

Our God above has blessed me to parent you in life,

And my heart could burst with love.

Yes, as I lay you down to sleep,

I love to look at the amazing beauty you radiate.

I love you my child, my sleeping babe. Forever you will be the most beautiful little soul I will ever watch grow.


Taking in the little moments with our sweet children….

Just yesterday I had an amazing moment with my adorable children.

My children are: 5, 4, and 1 year old. Life is so beautiful with them but it is definitely hard at times.

Last night, as I was trying to settle my kids down for a story and then bedtime..my oldest two started running from the front door, over to me on the couch.

I was holding my little 1 year old daughter and you better believe she wanted in on the fun.

So my little one year old started running with her older siblings, she would get half way and quickly turn around to come back to me. She didn’t want to run all the way to the door because she wanted to have the chance to keep up with her older siblings who are currently taller and faster than her.

For at least ten minutes the kids were just running together.

Smiling together.

Laughing together.

My 3 little munchkins

And just enjoying each other.

As a mother, watching these kids enjoy running together warmed my heart.


Because I loved seeing my children, enjoy each other. I love seeing these cute siblings bond and spend time together.

Even more, knowing that these little children have each other to grow up with made my heart explode.

What a blessing it is to have siblings and to enjoy great moments together.

heart hand on shallow focus lens
Photo by Jasmine Carter on Pexels.com

As a mother, it’s even more wonderful to see these little children create friendships with each other that will last a lifetime.

It also reminded me, to enjoy the little moments. These little ones grow incredibly fast and these little moments are the highlights we will look back on.


Christy Lee

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Why Do I Forget to do This With My Cute Little Kids?

Many of you are on summer break like we are.

I have three little ones at home around the clock, age 5, 4 and 1.

I love being at home with my kids, I am so grateful to be home with my kids.

And yet, there are somedays when it can be a really, loooong day with these cute kids.


They get grumpy, fight with each other, are picky eaters, make messes, and so forth….

Cade, Taya & Makell with Dad

Well, today while I was down in the basement, I saw some Jenga blocks that we hadn’t played with for months.

I grabbed the blocks and took them upstairs for the kids to play with.

Usually I am trying to clean or fold laundry or do something productive while the kids are playing nicely.

But it just felt nice to sit and play blocks with them.

And guess what? We all played with these block for a good 40 minutes without a big fight or issue.

We all had fun!
Moral of the story?

Play with your kids!

unrecognizable barefoot kid playing jenga at home
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

We all know, but easily forget, that the dishes and laundry can wait.

Every single day, our children are growing bigger and older.

The time truly sneaks by, and I know we will all cherish the memories of playing with our kids.

Until Next Time!


Christy Lee

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What I do know about Parenting

Let’s be honest, there is A LOT that I don’t know about parenting.

Even when three young kids, somedays I roam the parenting life oblivious to what I should be doing.

However, I always remind myself that the things I DO KNOW about parenting, help me get through all that I don’t know.

My sweet little family. ❤️

So let’s start with what I don’t know about parenting.

What I don’t know about parenting is how to get all of my kids to sleep through the night, in their beds, period. We have tried the books and the help and we still end up with one…sometimes two kids in our bed.

Our kids are young…5 years, 3 years, and 1 year old.

We had a big earthquake here back in March and I can honestly say my three year old daughter has never slept the same since then.

So I admit, I don’t know how to get my kids to sleep well through the night.

I also don’t know how to deal with the different emotions and personalities that each child has.

All three of my kids are very different from each other, and they respond to discipline, love, and all things differently.

It’s a learning curve, maybe one day I will figure it out, but not right now.

Reading time with dad❤️

What I don’t know about parenting is how to get my kids to eat every meal without a fight, or without having to fix a separate side meal for some of my kids.

I have picky eaters, and I don’t know how to make them like certain foods.

Is it possible to make kids like certain foods?

I don’t know that.

What I don’t know about parenting is how to make sure I am meeting all of my children’s emotional needs.

There is no sign or signal that let’s us know if we are helping our children emotionally to the capacity that they each need. Is it possible to know that?

What I don’t know about parenting is how to be a kind, patient mom when trying to get kids packed into the van to get to school on time.

I am sure some parents have this figured out, but I don’t. I can bribe kids…that way I am not raising my voice as much, but I’m not sure that quite counts?

What I don’t know about parenting is …a continual thing.

However ….

What I DO KNOW about parenting is that the love a parent has for a child is indescribable.

And if we as parents can transfer that LOVE into every interaction we have with our kids….

Then we have EVERY part of parenting figured out.

Our cute kids playing together with smiles ❤️

We won’t have all the answers … raising children takes me to my knees a lot, asking Heavenly Father what I can do to be a better parent.

And what I feel from Heavenly Father is LOVE— and that is always the answer.

Love your kids through everything.

Love them through the tantrums and the heartache.

Love your kids through successes and honors…

If we love our kids through every decision and every move they make … they will FEEL that love in their hearts.

I felt it from mine.

That love will carry your children through all the pain and all the happiness.

So when it’s hard to know just how to discipline or work through a disagreement with your child.. stop and think of how your actions show love?

Love will change the world, one child at a time.

It starts with how we parent. When we parent with LOVE as the goal everyday… our children will benefit through indescribable ways.

That’s the only thing I know about parenting …that loving our kids through thick and thin is the key.

And guess what?

As long as that’s all we know… To love our children unconditionally … it all works out in the end.

Good luck parents!

You got this:)


Christy Lee