Why we need to laugh everyday ….

With the pandemic going strong I have felt the urge to write a post not just about optimism but about laughing… yes laughing.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh right?!

I’m sure many of you know that laughing helps your serotonin levels.

Even deeper, we have all been through a crazy, weird, different and hard time…. and a good laugh can bring such an escape.

Did you know during the Great Depression when everyone was broke and out of work … the movie industry thrived?


Because everyone was desperate for an “escape” or a way to find “peace of mind” when everything around them was stressful and hard.

I tell you this because I think we all can relate. We could all use a bit of an escape from reality and enjoy a good laugh.

This is when I turn to some of my favorite clean comedians.

I enjoy clean comedy because crude and distasteful stresses me, I want something light and funny.

Here are some comedians I turn to:

Ryan Hamilton — he is an Idaho born guy and he is so hilarious!

Jim Gaffigan– overall his material is hilarious and relates to real life

The Johnson Files: Find him over on Instagram and his stuff is clever and entertaining

Juggling the Jenkins– she has fun material for stay at home moms and people with anxiety

Michael McIntyre– a funny English comedian who has a lot of material on parenting.

Brain Reagan– his voice and the way he impersonates makes me laugh.

I’m sure there are more to add to this list and I’d love to hear from you as well!

So my August goal is to laugh everyday!

Not hard, and I think it will be beneficial !

Go laugh !