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Day 9: Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Day 9 of Father’s Day Gift Ideas:


For the fitness or outdoor loving dad, this gift is ideal!

Get dad this Cactaki 32 ounce water bottle, with time markers! 

The water bottle also is BPA free, non-toxic, leakproof and very durable. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 4.23.13 PM


Think smart and get dad something useful for his runs or outdoor activities. 


You can order this awesome water bottle for $18.95 on Amazon. 

Click here to purchase!


More Ideas coming tomorrow!



Christy Lee

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Prioritize our Mental Health for the month of May no

Prioritize Mental Health for the month of May

Originally for the month of May I had the idea of “spring cleaning” and organizing.

But as this pandemic has been ongoing, I decided right now, prioritizing mental health was key. 

The pandemic has definitely changed routines and lifestyles, and often times, that can wear on us in many ways. Our mental health can struggle it hard times and I hope all of you are doing well.

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I outlined a few things to do each week that can increase areas of mental health.

It is mentioned a lot but as you all know, sometimes we forget to take time for our mental stability. It’s not a selfish thing to make sure you yourself are doing ok. In fact, if you are mentally health, it greatly helps your relationship with your family and loved ones.

With that, here is my calendar below. There is a clickable link that you can print off as well.

For this first week it is encouraged to listen to an uplifting podcast for at least 10 minutes each day. Right now I have a few podcasts I am enjoying: “Better Than Happy with Jody Moore,” “The Joy Factor,” and “Stuff you missed in history class.”

As always I would love to hear more ideas. What keeps your mental health in check?

Hopefully you can find that peace you need to feel right now.



Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 11.50.25 PM

For the May calendar click here:  May Calendar 2020 Prioritize Mental Health


Until next time,




Christy Lee

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Health Check-in: How are you doing, really?

Wanted to check in and see how you are doing?

Are you making it through this pandemic ok?

Be honest, I know you can’t talk to me directly but I will just say, if you need to talk to someone….just do it!

This is a very hard and challenging time and there is bound to be hard days so don’t feel bad or guilty about it. 

Probably the worst thing you could do is bottle up your emotions and let them burst. 

Know that you aren’t alone, this pandemic has some silver linings, but it is also really hard to stop all routines and quarantine.

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With that being said, this month I shared my monthly goal which was to “Prioritize health.”

Each week I focused on different fitness or nutrition challenges. They have been challenges, and I have not been perfect, but setting goals for health really makes such a difference on your entire body, your entire soul benefits from your physical health and I could feel that. 

So I encourage you to join me this week, the challenge is to walk or run for 25 minutes or more each day. Here in Utah we are able to walk and run outside and that is what I will be doing! However a treadmill or anything works great.

I promise you that if you prioritize “yourself” by taking 25 minutes out of your day to work on your physical health…you will be happy! 

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Also, this is a great way to incorporate your family…take a family walk or run or bike ride.

I am excited for this weeks challenge and I hope you enjoy it too!


Until next time,





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Prioritize Health & Fitness for the Month of April!

I will start out saying that I am 34 years old…so my body doesn’t bounce back after pregnancy like someone would at 24 years old.

However, I also know that no matter the age…keeping physically fit is KEY to feeling well emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

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Those natural ENDORPHINS you receive when working out are real, and can truly add that extra bit of joy and happiness to your daily life.

Is it hard to work out and eat right? You bet.

Is it worth pushing yourself physically? You bet.

My baby girl is 5 months old now, the weight hasn’t melted off like my first baby. Taya in green blanket

(Picture of my daughter just a week old, she came home on oxygen and a heart monitor)

Is the weight still there because I am older than my first pregnancy? Maybe. Is it because I had a c-section with this baby versus a vaginal birth? Possibly? Is it because this baby had a heart condition and I needed an emergency c-section…and it was quite the stressful situation…Possibly.

All I know, is that there are so many excuses and reasons to keep that baby weight on.

Chasing three little ones is busy and hard and it’s so easy to think “I don’t have time and energy to add a work-out or healthy meals!”

And yet, you don’t have time to NOT make PHYSICAL HEALTH a PRIORITY.

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The reason being, physical health is key to living a quality and happy life.

Will it guarantee you a life of freedom from health problems? Nope.

HOWEVER—it will greatly lessen your chances of many of the health problems that come from being overweight such as TYPE 2 DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, BACK PAIN…just to name a few.

Please note I am not JUDGEMENTAL in anyway to those that struggle with being overweight. I get it, it’s hard to lose weight!  I know there are those out there with thyroid issues and other problems that make losing weight next to impossible. BUT– I also know that despite the struggles with losing weight, pushing yourself, setting goals and accomplishing those goals physically is so rewarding and key to boosting that self esteem.

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I believe in you, and I am telling myself that I can do it too. More than losing weight, I want to tone and gain muscle so that I can run and keep up with my children. 

Come join me on my journey to healthy and fitness…not just for this month but for life! I know health and fitness is a lifestyle change and I truly hope to be able to keep the mindset of staying healthy through workouts and healthy eating.

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 7.52.27 PM

(Picture of our engagement photos in 2014, Size 6 and working out all the time. More importantly, I felt happy and healthy) 

I created a calendar, and here is the CRAZY part…Each week I add a new challenge to the next…so by the end you you will be working on 5 healthy and fitness challenges at a time!

Nothing is too intense or unreachable…You can do this at home, or by running around the neighborhood. No gym needed (are gyms even open with coronavirus??)

You can do this!

I can do this!

Let’s get HEALTHY together!

Click for the Free Calendar Here: April Health:fitness Calendar 2020


Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 7.19.22 PM


Until next time,




Christy Lee