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What I Have Learned About Strengthening Spirituality

This past month, my focus as been on strengthening my spirituality.

If you are just now following, I created a free template, to work towards 20 days of strengthening spirituality.

As I reflect on how this past month has gone, as I have sought to make a point everyday to strengthen my spirituality, I have learned a few things:

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1- I don’t make enough time for “peace and quiet.”

2- Planning time during the day to read scriptures or listen to uplifting talks, is not very hard to do and I always leave feeling happier. So why not do this more?

3- It’s enjoyable to discuss spirituality with others.

4- Keeping a strong sense of spirituality keeps me balanced mentally, emotionally and physically.

5- Striving to strengthen my spirituality has uplifted me and enlightened me.

6- Strengthening my spirituality has made me feel more gratitude.

There are many more items I could list about what I have learned from focusing on my spirituality this month, however, these points above are the main highlights.

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I want to keep this spiritual focus in my life, not just for certain time periods, but ALWAYS.

Whether you are a member of my same religion or viewpoints, I would encourage all of you to do what you can to increase and strengthen your relationship with God.

It’s amazing the peace and power that can be within you when we increase and strengthen our spirituality.

What do you do to strengthen yourself spiritually?


Christy Lee

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My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget That Everyone Needs!

My friend introduced me to this amazing kitchen gadget and I had to share!

This kitchen tool is called: Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

I purchased this veggie chopper for only $15.30 on Amazon, and it works great!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

The blades are sharp and it works great with just a pull of the cord at the top!

I love that it’s not overly expensive, its’ easy to use, and it’s not extremely big which makes it easier to store.

Chopping onions, and garlic, or anything else was never so easy!

This chopper comes in a few different colors.

To purchase, click here!

And I would love to hear any other kitchen gadgets that you love in the comments below!


Christy Lee

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A Spiritual Book I am Enjoying…

If you have been following me you know that this month my goal and focus is on “Strengthening My Spirituality.”

If you click here, you can find the free printable I made which is “20 Days of Spirituality.”

My reasoning for wanting to strengthen my spirituality is because I believe spirituality is the core of who we are.

2020 was a bit of a whirlwind …and I became aware of just how powerful and significant spirituality is in my life, and in the lives of others.

Naturally–I knew I wanted to straighten my spirituality and it will not end after a month. My hope is that this month with really kickstart me into truly prioritizing spirituality into my life.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

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So with that…

I would recommend this book “Holy as You Are,” By Christie Gardiner.

I will say, this book relates most to people that are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

However, the overall theme behind the book is for anyone wanting to strengthen their spirituality.

This book is beautifully written and it’s focus is on reminding women that they already possess so many holy attributes and qualities.

This book is uplifting and a great read.

You can find this book online or at Desert Book or Seagull Book.

I would love to hear any spiritual book recommendations you may have, please just comment below.

Until Next Time!


Christy Lee

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Top 6 Mom Hacks I Use Daily

The video above goes into detail about the mom hacks that help me daily.

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1-Use Essential oil drops to keep the toilet smelling fresh and clean.

2- Store your makeup brushes in a mason jar.

3- Place baby wipes throughout the house to use to clean up a variety of items.

4- Keep a monthly calendar/schedule in your kitchen to stay organized.

5-Clean your face masks by first placing them in a lingerie bag and then placing the lingerie bag in the washer.

6- Write your “to-do” list on your bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker. When you complete all your tasks, clean the mirror.

What mom hacks do you use daily?

I would love to hear!

Until next time!


Christy Lee



Some of my Favorite January Picks from

If you follow me, you know that I love

Yes I am an affiliate for, but I have loved their company for years. has cute, unique items, and Jane’s prices are great!

Here are a few picks that I would choose to purchase myself.


Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

1-Two-tone double zipper wallets!

Price $11.98 Shipped!

Such a great variety of colors

These wallets are so nice to keep money, credit cards and such organized!

The wallets come in a variety of colors, and are currently at a great price!

A great way to organize!

To purchase this wallet, click here!

2. Reclaimed Wood Hearts

These reclaimed wood hearts are so cute for Valentines decor!

And at only $12.48 shipped, these hearts are at a great price!

Reclaimed wood hearts for Valentines Day!

These hearts come in a variety of colors, which color would you buy?

To purchase these wood hearts, click here.

3. Candy Heart Tees

With the Valentine holiday in mind, these t-shirts are sure to be a cute holiday shirt!

I love the variety of looks available with these tees.

These Valentine tees are so cute!

And at only $19.98 shipped, the price is unbeatable.

To purchase these tees, click here.

4. Metal Beads Hoop Earrings

These beautiful hoop earrings add a bit more sparkle to your look.

And at the price of only $8.98 shipped, you can’t go wrong with a few pairs!

Such a beautiful pair of earrings.

The question is, what pair would you buy? They are all so cute it’s hard to decide!

These earrings look so elegant on!

To purchase these earrings, click here.

5. Woven Farmhouse Throw Pillows

It’s amazing how a few pillows can add so much to the look and design of the room.

I love the cute designs of these pillows.

These woven farmhouse pillows are sure to bring beauty and style into your home.

These pillows come in a variety of colors, and the price is only $12.99 shipped (Currently Free Shipping!)

To purchase these cute pillows, click here.


January Goal: 20 Days of Spirituality/Free Template

This year, same as last year, I am focusing on different goals each month.

As we all know, 2020 was not always the easiest.

What helped get me through?

Delving into my spiritual connections.

person hands woman girl
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I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

My goal is to work on my testimony and strengthening my spirituality.

Even if you aren’t of my same faith, this template can be helpful to you, just simply adjust some of the daily goals.

I know for me personally, working on my spiritual strength helps me physically, mentally and emotionally as well.

I hope you enjoy this free template.

Best of luck crushing some of your New Years Goals!

(click below for your FREE template)



Christy Lee


The Best Places to Find Beautiful Jewelry for Under $100!

Do you love jewelry?

I do!

The problem with jewelry is how expensive it can be.

I have found some great places to find some beautiful jewelry, at a great price!

(Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

  1. Teenie & Frey

Teenie & Frey has some beautiful hand-made jewelry.

The prices range from $25 on up.

I love the creative design in this jewelry line.

2. Twisted Silver

Twisted silver has pretty and bold jewelry that anyone is sure to love!

Their collections are very popular and fashionable.

I found this item on sale for $14!

Twisted silver has a unique look that I love.

And again, you can find most items for under $100!

3. Moon Magic

If you haven’t looked at the jewelry items through Moon Magic, go check it out.

I love the designs, and the intricate styles this jewelry line has.

Here are some rings I found for under $100.

Moon Magic is one of my favorite jewelry websites that I love to look over.


Jane always has such cute jewelry!

Jane’s jewelry is trendy and cute!

Here are a few items that caught my eye!

Layer-it bracelets collection

These cute bracelets are only $8.99

If you are looking for cute earrings, you may like these:

These earrings are $8.99, to purchase click here.

I am always on the look out for cute and decently-priced jewelry. Do you have any other places you would recommend?



Christy Lee


Free Apps I Use On My Phone Everyday…

It’s been quite a few months since I did an app update, so I felt like it was time to share some of those apps I use daily on my phone.

(Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

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  1. Interval Timer: this is a free app that helps people with circuit training and workouts. You can create your own interval times, which makes it so much easier to do any sort of interval training. Go grab it!

2. Signal: We have found that signal is a great way to text and communicate with each other as a family. What we really enjoy about signal is that the videos sent are much clearer than when sent through regular text messaging. This is also free so check it out!

3. My Fitness Pal: As I am working on getting back to pre-baby-weight, tracking my food on My fitness pal has been awesome! This free app keeps me in check with what I am eating and I love it! Not only is this app free, but it’s easy and simple to use!

4. WordPress: The wordpress app is another free app, and if you happen to blog through wordpress, it’s such a wonderful resource to have. The wordpress app makes it possible to post a blog post, check stats, and more. I check this app daily and it’s so handy to have on my phone!

facebook application icon
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5. Renpho: I have mentioned this app before with a fitness post, but the renpho app goes hand-in-hand with my renpho scale. I absolutely love this app because it not only shows your weight, it also shows your metabolic age, body fat percentage, trends, and more. I purchased the scale on Amazon for about $30.00 and this free app that comes with the scale is wonderful!

6. Gospel Library: As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this gospel library app is amazing! Not only does this app have the scriptures, it has the ensign, hymn book, church handbooks, a place for notes, study plans and more. I read my scriptures and mark them through this app every night and love it. And of course –it’s free!

So now the question is, what free apps do you use on your phone everyday?

I would love to hear in the comments below.

Also, I hope sharing these free apps can be helpful to you.

This will be a continual topic of conversation on the blog.

Until next time!


Christy Lee

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Life Lately

How is your January looking ?

For our little family … we are getting back into a routine with things.

Makell loves baby cuddles.

My oldest son goes to kindergarten Monday-Thursday, and I’m learning how to teach him on Fridays… and it’s been fun!

My son has learned a lot this year —it’s crazy to see him sounding out words and recognizing words. He doesn’t always want to do school work, and I don’t push him too much because at the end of the day, I want school to be fun for him.

Cade -5 years old loving his Star Wars book

Cade, our boy, has a neighbor friend that comes to play most days .. and he looks forward to playing everyday. Cade is our social boy and loves people.

Makell— (3 years) our middle child and oldest daughter, she has enjoyed preschool two days a week.

Makell loves to be like her big brother so she feels pretty special to be in school.

Makell loves art and drawing and has learned to write an “M” and an “O” and an “A” on papers.

Makell is so nurturing and caring. Nobody takes care of their dolls better than Makell. Makell’s baby dolls are always wrapped up nice sleeping ..all over the house.

We find piles of dolls or stuffed animals neatly placed throughout the house.

Makell also has a sassy side and I would put money down that she has the loudest cry of all the girls out there.

We love our sweet Makell and it’s fun listening to her talk and grow.. her vocabulary has grown so much in the past little while.

Makell- 3 yrs. old

Taya can be summed up as cute and busy!

She started taking a few walking steps at Thanksgiving and is walking longer and longer now.

She opens and dumps out anything she can, she tries to eat everything, and she is copying many of the words we say.

Taya is known as “smiley” because she truly is smiling about 90% of the time.. and we love that about her.

Yes she can get mad when she doesn’t get her way, but we love her so much.

Taya 14 months

My husband stays busy with a busy job, church calling, and he’s such a hard working father and husband.

My husband, Brad, is handy and can figure out how to build or fix about anything.

He has learned to bake bread and that is our family’s Sunday activity… and then we deliver a bunch of bread to people who may enjoy it.

Brad is so good at serving others, his focus is always on how he can help others.

Brad is great to get a workout in, and he also takes time to study his scriptures daily and write in his journal.

As for me.. my cute little family keeps me busy! There is never a dull moment with three young kids.

I always challenge myself throughout the day to tidy something in the house … just because these days we have a lot of toys everywhere and if I can find a few spaces to de-clutter, I feel accomplished and more organized.

I love to cook and enjoy trying new gluten-free recipes.

I also stay busy with a church calling. My goal this month has been to strengthen myself spiritually and it’s been so good for me to focus on my spiritual goals.

Mom and baby up early and getting some cuddles.

I am in a workout class and have enjoyed building and strengthening muscles .. as well as losing weight.

This blog always keeps me thinking —and I enjoy the challenge of this blog. I also just love to write.

I have had fun putting makeup on faces … as some of you know I’m a Seint artist.

I have enjoyed watching “The Crown” while folding laundry or while running on the treadmill.

And honestly I can say , life is busy —yet so wonderful all wrapped in one.

I will note, the winter time can be a bit hard on me mentally. Perhaps it’s the lack of sun and being indoors more… but I’m trying to be aware of this factor about myself and push through it.

I talk to my sweet mom pretty much everyday and she is such a sweet and uplifting voice for me.

And I can’t forget how nice it’s been to visit with friends lately, even if it’s Marco Polo.

Our life lately has been wonderful… we look forward to this upcoming year with positivity and happiness.


Christy Lee

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If I Had Planned My Life Out

If I had planned my life out,

The twists and turns would all be straight

The jagged edges and the rough corners, would be smooth

Only love and never hate.

If I had planned my life out,

There would be endurance involved I’m sure,

But not to the degree that I have experienced it.

There would be more smiles and less weeping.

If I had planned my life out, the blossoms would always be blooming.

The sun would shine indefinitely, and the dark would not destroy the light.


I did not plan my life out, as you know this to be true.

God had a hand in everything, and knew the right thing to do.

He knew I would enjoy the happy, the easier and the calm.

But he knew my strength would not build from these foundations,

So that’s when he sent the storms.

The storms I have felt have been tough, sometimes beaten me to the core.

As I stay close to God in those storms I pray for strength,

At times I wonder if God remembers how much I’ve endured?

When the load feels too heavy, the faith gets me through.

Faith in God always comes through.

Faith in His plan, remembering it was always about His plan and not mine.

No matter the trial or the hardship … there is light in the end, when we move forward with Faith in God and remember his hand is in all things.

If I had planned my life out….

I quickly see, it is not the life that was meant for me.

My joys have been amazing and my happiness has been beyond anything I imagined..

The reason being?

Because I’ve felt the storm, and it made the light and the calmness more amazing in every way.

We build some of our greatest strength, our greatest faith … through the tough times.

Those tough times make the beautiful times magnificent.

And for this I know…

I’m glad I didn’t plan my life out.

Gods plan is best despite the jagged edges and rough corners.

For God will push us and shape us, into the people we were meant to be.

God knows the bigger picture.

And because of this… I’m glad I did not plan my life out.

It’s best this way, for you and for me.