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3 Gluten-free Recipes That Are Perfect For Thanksgiving !

When it comes to Thanksgiving you don’t want to feel left out just because you’re gluten free.

Sure it takes a bit more planning to make gluten free items for big holiday events… but it’s worth it!

Here are 3 gluten free recipes that would be perfect to make for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!

This delicious Pink berry salad only has 4 ingredients and it’s naturally gluten-free!

This fruit salad is a crowd pleaser that’s kids and adults will love!

I use frozen berries for convenience but you can of course use fresh berries too!

Next up is this tasty gluten free potato salad.

This potato salad is full of flavor with the perfect mix of texture and eggs to make people go back for seconds!

Last up is this gluten free lemon lush dessert.

This lemon lush dessert tastes similar to lemon cream pie — the perfect Thanksgiving dessert!

The gluten free crust is easy to make and adds so much to the flavor of this dessert!

Altogether— I hope you can use one or all of these recipes for Thanksgiving week!

My goal is to make living gluten free easy and fun, instead of limiting and frustrating.

What’s your favorite food item to bring to Thanksgiving ?


Christy Lee