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Have You Seen Seint Makeup’s Holiday Releases?!

If you haven’t seen Seint makeup’s holiday releases you need to go check them out!

Seint dropped a bunch of beautiful new products… one of which is the eyeshadow advent calendar.

I just received my advent calendar of eyeshadows and I can tell you right now, the colors are gorgeous!

This advent calendar of eyeshadows has a good variety of neutrals and brights as well as shimmers and mattes.

It’s a great gift for any woman and it’s priced at just $125.00 (USA pricing)

If you are looking for other makeup or skin care items here is a great way to shop through our bundles to get more bang for your buck!

If you haven’t tried Seint makeup yet I would encourage you to check it out. Unfortunately, Seint makeup is only available in the USA and Canada.

Happy Shopping!


Christy Lee