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Once Upon A Time There Lived A Mom

Once upon a time there lived a mom.

This mom waited a long, long time to become a mom and she couldn’t wait!

Most moms her age were about done having kids as she had just begun.

This mom knew since she waited so long to become a mom she would be the best.

This mom was going to be patient, never yelling only consoling.

This mom was going to be understanding of tantrums and fits instead of throwing a fit back at the child.

This mom was only going to let her children eat the healthiest of foods, never sugar or fatty oils, just pure, organic goodness.

This mom was going to teach manners so beautifully that everyone would know her child belonged to her because their manners were superb.

This mom was going to have a clean home because her kids would help cleanup messes as they played and they would never just leave messes around the house.

This mom was going to teach her children how to memorize scriptures, and important facts .

This mom was going to soon realize …

That whenever you start with “Once upon a time….”

Well, it ended in a fairy tale.

And all of it was a fairy tale, because this mom, yes— she had waited many, many years to become a mom.

However, she wasn’t the perfect, sweet mom that she was expecting to be.

When her kids threw fits this mom sometimes yelled at them and threw fits too.

This mom wasn’t always compassionate and consoling.

This mom wanted a clean house, but it was never as clean as she had hoped.

This mlm felt like a broken record teaching her kids manners that they seemed to never listen to.

This mom let her kids eat sugar and fatty oils more than she ever imagined she would.

This mom didn’t teach her children to memorize scriptures and important facts. She started to but then…


Then this mom got tired.

This mom got plain old worn out tired.

This mom, —she tried.

She tried everyday and often times felt like she failed everyday.

Why couldn’t she be that mom she had imagined in her mind?

After all, she had waited so long to become a mom.

Nevertheless, this mom fell short some days.

This mom, she felt bad and sad, why couldn’t she do it all?

This mom was overwhelmed.

This mom was overwhelmed physically, mentally, emotionally and at times spiritually.

However, at night, when this mom said her prayers. She knew and felt that God still loved her.

God still loved this imperfect, impatient, not -always-a-compassionate mom.

And it reminded this mom… that despite everything … this mom ALWAYS loved her kids.

This mom always loved her kids no matter how tired or hard or overwhelming things got.. this mom loved her kids to the moon and back, and then some.

So if God loved this mom, and if this mom loved her kids… how could she fail and fall short ?

Maybe this mom was a TRUE mom, who dealt with challenges in motherhood and hoped and wanted to be better—- when all along, the key component was love.

So should this mom try harder and do better?


Will this mom ever be the perfect mom?


Will God still love this mom?


And this mom will remember that if God loves her, and if she loves God and her kids with all of her heart… well then, this mom has the strength to keep on striving to become the best mom she can be.

And maybe, just maybe… this mom, she will make it.

And hopefully her kids will always know and feel of her love.

The love that every imperfect mom has for their kids.

A love beyond words, for a mother always wants to be a better mom, but the key is and always will be…

Forever and ever… is love.

And to this mom and all moms… remember God loves you. Forever and forever.

The End


Christy Lee