young woman sleeping in comfy bed
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When You Are Tired You Should….

Sleep has never been my favorite thing.

Or more so, I don’t like the idea of going to bed, until I have to wake up early and then I regret that I didn’t get to bed earlier.

young woman sleeping in comfy bed
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There is always so much to get done and completed at night.

Now that I have 4 young kids, I feel like nighttime is when I can clean and plan for the week.

However, my body is constantly reminding me that sleep is key and crucial to function in life.

When we don’t sleep well, everyone and everything around us tends to crumble.

Soo, I slowly but surely am learning, that dishes and chores and everything else can wait until you have gotten your sleep.

Life is better when we are well rested.


Christy Lee

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