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Some of My Favorite Prime Day Deals I Had to Share !

Prime Day has some amazing deals right now!

  1. This Lewant Electric water gun is perfect for kids or adults!

The price has come down from $39.99 to ONLY $22.99 on Prime Days! Don’t miss out on a fun way to play outside!

2- Sueseip Kids Smart Watch is another great buy today!

This smart watch is only $27.18 which is down 15% from it’s normal price for Prime Day!

This smart watch has 24 games, pedometer, camera, calculator, recorder, flashlight, music, alarm, and more! The perfect gift for your young kids!

3- The Tineco Wet/Dry Vacuum is always on my list because I use mine every, single day.

The wet/dry vac cleans up messes quickly. I am always amazed how well it cleans up pet hair as well.

And for Prime Days the price of this wet/dry vac is only $159.99 which is down 30% from it’s regular price of $229.99

Don’t miss out on a great deal that your home will benefit from!

amazon prime package on the porch put upside down
Cleaning/organizing, Clothing & Accessories

Amazon Prime Day July 11-12…Get Ready For Some Posts From Me Featuring A Wide Variety of Items!

Amazon prime day is July 11-12 and is a great day to get some fun items!

amazon prime package on the porch put upside down
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Some items I will be looking for and posting about:

1- Inflatable bounce house/water slides

2-Kids Toys

3-Gluten free items

4- Clothes

5- Electronics

6- Home decor

7-Cleaning supplies

What else are you looking for? Let me know I would love to help you out by finding a great deal!


Christy Lee

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A Kitchen Item I Recommend to Everyone.

Whether you are buying a gift for someone or if you don’t have these items yourself, I believe that these 2- piece glass measuring cups are a “MUST-HAVE” in every kitchen!

These glass measuring cups are able to go in the microwave and are dishwasher safe which I love.

Whether you use these measuring cups for dry or wet ingredients they are handy.

I love using these measuring cups and I found them on for just $32.14 for the set of two.

If you enjoy cooking, or know someone that does, make sure they have these glass measuring cups…they are a kitchen essential in my book!


Christy Lee

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A Fast & Easy Gluten-Free Fruit Salad that Everyone will Love!

When it comes to a great gluten-free fruit salad, I have you covered.

I found this fruit salad recipe years ago, I made some tweaks, and today it is our “go-to” fruit salad.

This fruit salad just has a few ingredients (that I always keep on hand).

Even better, you can easily double the recipe for a large BBQ group –or keep it small for family dinner.

Fresh berries are great to use, however, if you don’t have access to fresh berries, the frozen berries are delicious as well.

Let me know if you make this fruit salad, it’s probably the recipe I have shared the most with people!

And the best part….it’s naturally gluten-free!



Christy Lee