12 Days of Christmas/ Day 8: Tasty Pro 6+ Protein Drink!

Do you have a protein drink that you like?

Well, if you haven’t tried Pro 6+ from Elevated Fit Life you are about to find a new favorite protein drink!

This protein drink tastes like an actual, delicious drink.

I used to drink frothy and gross protein drinks just to get more protein everyday.

But now that I have Pro 6+, it’s easy to drink this tasty drink everyday–and it helps me get my protein macros in!

If you or someone you love is into health and fitness this is the perfect gift.

person holding barbell
Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

This protein drink is priced at $44.99, and if you use code CHRISTY10 you can get 10% off!

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Probably my favorite part about Pro 6+ is that I don’t get sore after workouts anymore!

Pro 6+ has a wonderful formula for helping build muscle, and the flavors are great!

My personal favorite flavor is peach mango, but my husband loves the lime sherbet.

Any flavor is great!

Hope you enjoy this great gift idea!


Christy Lee

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