12 Days of Christmas Gifts: Day 7-Manplow Pro Snow Pusher.

Every year it is my new tradition I guess to post this amazing Manplow Pro snow shovel as a Christmas gift because our family can attest how great this shovel works!

The snow glides easy and smooth when you use this Manplow shovel.

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On days when my husband isn’t around to shovel, the Manplow makes it possible for me to shovel the walks quickly and effectively.

At the price of only $103.67, this quality snow shovel is worth every penny, trust me!

The Manplow shovel is a great gift for any homeowner that deals with snow during the year.

We live in Utah and get quite a bit of snow, and this Manplow has lasted us through the years.

Hopefully you enjoy this gift idea!


Christy Lee