12 Days of Christmas Gifts: Day 6 -Seint makeup bundles!

For that loved one or friend that enjoys makeup, I found the perfect gift!

Seint makeup has some amazing bundles at great prices!

One of the bundles I love is this lip & cheek bundle! This lip & cheek bundle comes with 8 different and beautiful lip & cheek colors. It is priced at just $88.00 which saves you $40 if you buy it in a bundle! All these colors look beautiful on anyone’s face. It’s a great gift from teens to grandmas!

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Another bundle that would make a wonderful gift is the brush bundle. Each one of Seint’s brushes are double sided, and they are high quality brushes. I have had many of my brushes for over 4 years and they still work wonderfully!

This brush bundle set is priced at $196.00, buying the brushes in a bundle saves you $41.00! A good makeup brush makes such a difference in makeup application. These brush bundle is another great gift idea for women of all ages!

Another great bundle set is the bronzer collection. Bronzer adds such a wonderful glow to any face. I love how bronzer looks on all skin types. Bella bronzer would be the color that I would pick for anyone, it’s very versatile and very pretty. I love that the bronzer collection comes with this wonderful brush that is two-sided with a denser in for application and a fluffy end for blending.

At the price of just $45.00, you are saving $11.00 when you purchase this bundle.

Hopefully you enjoy these makeup bundles from Seint makeup!

Unfortunately Seint only ships to the USA and Canada, hopefully one day they will ship worldwide.

Thanks and more gift ideas coming tomorrow!


Christy Lee