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A Few Things I Have Learned About Parenting In The Last 7 Years…

It’s hard to narrow down all that I have learned about parenting in my last 7 years.

My cute oldest son

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A few things that stand out:

-Kids are very forgiving as we learn to parent them.

-I may be in charge of helping my kids learn and grow, but I can NOT control everything they do…even if I want to. It’s hard to send your kids to school all day and know that all that happens to them is out of your hands, however, kids do learn the best this way, when they are solving problems on their own. We can’t bubble wrap our kids through life, even when we feel like we want to. And I will admit, I want to a lot. However, I constantly remind myself to put my faith in my children and their abilities.

(Below is a video discussing a few things I am learning as a parent.)

What are some things you have learned as a parent?


Christy Lee

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