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My Top 4 Amazon Prime Picks For Today!

Today is another day of great deals on Amazon!

Thinking ahead to birthday gifts and Christmas it’s the perfect time to shop.

Below I snagged you some great deals ranging from home appliances, to car cleaning hacks.

Enjoy shopping!

a woman sitting at table with laptop holding a credit card
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I have seen how wonderful this cleaning gel for cars works! And at the price of only $5.73 today, it’s a smart item to purchase!

I know my car could always use some more cleaning.

The Alexa Dot is on a great deal for only $19.99 today! We have loved our Alexa dots, they are so helpful in so many ways.

Between playing music, setting alarms, looking up information, the Alexa Dot is a wonderful addition to every home!

One of my favorite items on sale today is the Tineco wet/dry floor cleaner. You can get this amazing floor cleaner for only $223.99, which is $56.00 off the regular price!

What a great gift for every home!

The OmixBox Bento Box Lunchbox for kids is insulated and leak proof. It is a high quality lunch box, making it possible for you to send your child to school with warm spaghetti and it stays warm and nice for them by lunch time!

This lunch box come in a variety of colors and today it is only $35.96, which is 20% off it’s regular price!

Snag it now while you can!

Hopefully you enjoy some great deals with Prime Day!


Christy Lee

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