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Flashback To Time Well Spent On A Cruise…

Flashback to 2012 with me…it’s crazy to think that was an entire decade ago!

Just me and my parents went on a Canadian Cruise.

My mom had always wanted to go on a Canadian cruise.

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white ship
Photo by Maurício Mascaro on Pexels.com

I was single, and they invited me and I was in!

I had never really thought much about Canada or seeing it…but goodness it was beautiful!

This picture is of my dad and I in Montreal, Canada:

(PS-Isn’t My Dad such a handsome man?! He has the kindest heart and I am so blessed to be his daughter. And of course my mother is an angel. )

I have some of the fondest memories of this Canadian cruise.

This cruise was so peaceful and fun.

I truly loved the amazing memories made with my parents.

I am so glad I took this chance and opportunity to go on this vacation with my wonderful parents.

I wish I could go again and take my husband and kids along now too.

Maybe one day!

What vacation do you look back on with fondness?

I would love to hear!


Christy Lee

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