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A Quote To Live By

There’s something about reading an inspirational quote that can be so encouraging and motivating.

I love this quote from Via (The Minds Journal):

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I love the truth behind this quote.

It boils down to having faith in ourselves and in our abilities.

Just as the bird doesn’t fear the branch breaking, we can not have constant fear that things won’t work out in life.

Instead, we must remember, that through the good and the bad, through the ups and downs, we have the power and ability to push through it all…and fly!

animal avian beak bird
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Having faith in ourselves, and in our abilities takes a lot of work.

Having faith in ourselves takes a lot of effort, and prayer.

Nonetheless, when we find that faith in ourselves, it’s a beautiful thing.

I hope you can find that faith within you.


Christy Lee

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