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Our Little Love Story/Part 5–Mother’s Know Best.

Well I have to admit, for both of us it wasn’t completely a blind date. We had seen each other very briefly at a birthday party one year prior.

At this point, I am 27 years old and many people had “blind dates,” for me.

I will admit not all my blind dates were rough, but quite a few were, and I was tainted by some of the blind dates I had been on.

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Me at this point in time, had just barely graduated with my Master’s Degree in Communications. (May 2013)

In particular, the blind date I had recently been on (before I was to be set up with Brad), was not good, it made me loose a lot of faith in blind dates.

So it was the week before I was to be set up with Brad, and I called my mom and said “maybe I wouldn’t go on this next blind date.”

I thought at this point, maybe I just needed to take the summer off from dating and “re-set.”

My mom has always been a good listener. She listened to my points and said “Honey, why don’t you go on this one more blind date with this nice boy, and then if it’s not great you can take the summer off from dating.”

A Picture of Brad at the time of our first date (2013).

You can’t say “no” to your mom, who you love and has your best interest in mind.

So, I decided to follow through with the blind date…….

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