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3 New Gluten-Free Foods You will Enjoy!

When new gluten-free items come out, it’s exciting!

Even more, when these items are tasty and delicious, it’s even more exciting.

Today I wanted to share with you 3 gluten-free foods that have come out in the last year and I enjoy them all.

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First up are: Peanut Butter Chex. The price is only $10.59 for a 2-pack on Amazon. You will love the flavoring of this particular chex cereal, and just think how easy muddy buddies will be to make with peanut butter chex cereal!

Next, I have to share gluten-free double stuff oreos. I mean, the regular oreos are great too, but the double-stuff are right on point! Everyone agrees, they perfected the gluten-free oreos to taste just like the regular oreos.

You can find these oreos on Amazon for $26.48 for a 3-pack. Or most grocery stores now carry these delicious cookies too. They are always in white packaging so they stand out amongst the regular oreos.

And last but not least, these Almond Mission Tortillas. I found these through Kroger stores at the price of $5.49. These tortillas can help make it possible to make tasty gluten free burritos and such.

Have you discovered any more tasty gluten-free items? I am always on the lookout and hope to continue posting about new gluten-free products.



Christy Lee