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Our Little Love Story/Part 4

So if you remember, my friend had mentioned Brad’s name… and I had remembered that I had met him at a birthday party—I thought he was cute!

Well I remember specifically, after going to a temple session at the Salt Lake temple my friend talked to me and said she thought it was time that I was set up with Brad.

So I told her double dates are the most fun, so I would set her up with my friend—my co-worker.

She was up for a double date, and I liked the idea of a little less pressure on a first date.

I talked to my co-worker about the situation, he was up for going on a double date with us.

Then he asked who the guy was I would be going with, when I told him his name he said “I totally know him, I played church sports with him!”

What are the odds right?

Of course my co-worker had nothing but great things to say about Brad, and it made me even MORE intrigued to go out with him.

However, blind dates hadn’t always been great for me so I didn’t read much into it.

Unfortunately, there were some twists and turns when it came to making sure this double date happened.

Next time I will let you know why…..


Christy Lee

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3 New Gluten-Free Foods You will Enjoy!

When new gluten-free items come out, it’s exciting!

Even more, when these items are tasty and delicious, it’s even more exciting.

Today I wanted to share with you 3 gluten-free foods that have come out in the last year and I enjoy them all.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

First up are: Peanut Butter Chex. The price is only $10.59 for a 2-pack on Amazon. You will love the flavoring of this particular chex cereal, and just think how easy muddy buddies will be to make with peanut butter chex cereal!

Next, I have to share gluten-free double stuff oreos. I mean, the regular oreos are great too, but the double-stuff are right on point! Everyone agrees, they perfected the gluten-free oreos to taste just like the regular oreos.

You can find these oreos on Amazon for $26.48 for a 3-pack. Or most grocery stores now carry these delicious cookies too. They are always in white packaging so they stand out amongst the regular oreos.

And last but not least, these Almond Mission Tortillas. I found these through Kroger stores at the price of $5.49. These tortillas can help make it possible to make tasty gluten free burritos and such.

Have you discovered any more tasty gluten-free items? I am always on the lookout and hope to continue posting about new gluten-free products.



Christy Lee


Such A Great Deal On These Beautiful Spring/Easter Dresses.

Easter time is a great time to enjoy buying a new and beautiful dress.

What’s even better than finding a beautiful dress at a great deal through

These Easter Faux Wrap Maxi Dresses are only $32.99

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

These dresses come in a variety of colors and looks.

Which one will you choose?


Christy Lee

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A Gluten-free Treat You Need In Your Life!

My kids will attest, that these gluten-free doughnut holes are the best treat out there.

What’s even better is that these doughnut holes are so easy to make, just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and they are ready to go.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

And at the price of only $4.49 on Amazon you can’t pass these up!



Christy Lee

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Our Little Love Story Part 3…

So after I met my sweet friend Whitney, we of course discussed the topic of who we were “dating.”

We both didn’t have anyone special. I told her I dated people, but I was in my final semester of grad school, writing a thesis and teaching school full time, so life was quite busy.

The timing was January of 2013.

(Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!)

red flower on white sand
Photo by How Far From Home on

I remember her mentioning that she had a guy friend that she wanted to introduce me to.

When she mentioned his name “Brad” I remembered that I had met him the past summer of 2012.

But I wasn’t set up with Brad right away, and that was ok.

Timing is everything right?!

More to come…


Christy Lee

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Cute Stylish Clothes & Shoes For Under $40!

Isn’t it great to find deals for under $40 that are still cute and stylish! At, there are always great deals that are stylish and cute!

Below I have 3 items I found for you for under $40 that you are sure to love!

Enjoy shopping!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

This Uptown Girl Picketed Blazer is so sleek and stylish. Blazer’s are very in right now, and these blazers can mix and match with so many things.

This blazer comes in pink or white.

The current price of this blazer is $39.99, it has been marked down a lot.

Snag it while you can!

Check out this popcorn cardigan for only $17.99 shipped!

I love the texture of this cardigan. And it comes in a wide variety of colors as well.

Which color would you choose?

Check out this CC Slouch Pom Beanie. This Cute beanie comes in a variety of colors and the price is only $17.99 shipped!

Such a cute, stylish beanie.

Such a stylish beanie to keep you warm through the cold days ahead.

Hopefully you enjoy these deals while they last!


Christy Lee

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What Makes You Happy?

Have you ever thought about this?

Like truly, thought deep to the core, about what really makes you happy?

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, for a few reasons.

Mainly, through observation of many adults, I find that we tend to get into “routines” of life and we forget to STOP and think about what truly makes us happy, and then act upon that.

For example, I love being a stay-at-home mom. I wouldn’t trade my chance to stay home with my kids for anything…however, I have learned that I still need hobbies in life.

And many of those hobbies have become a small side-income and I enjoy the business portion of my hobbies as well.

When I was a young girl I painted rocks, the tries to sell them. My mom was the only one that bought one… and yet, I was fine with that. Somehow I still felt accomplished.

I think this desire for creativity started for me as a young girl… and it’s never left.

It took me until after my 2nd child to realize that I love to “create.” Basically, any things artsy and right-brained is my favorite.

When I cut out that “creative thinking,” I feel like it cuts out on who I am as a person.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

SO I ask YOU, what makes you happy?

Maybe it’s a hobby, or traveling, or cooking or running or studying the scriptures…the list goes on.

But all I can say is don’t neglect those little things that bring you pure joy.

Because in those little moments of “joy,” life truly feels fulfilled.

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Our Little Love Story/ Part 2

So I left off letting you know that I had met Brad at a birthday party…when I asked a mutual friend about him she said he wasn’t the “settling down type.” Which I still wasn’t sold on.

I did make sure to facebook stock him and think “he’s a cute guy.”

And that was that.

Life moved on.

I was finishing my last year of grad school while teaching full time and life was busy!

Fall of 2013 was full of planning my final thesis paper which would be due in the next 8 months, and I had many projects and papers to read in the mean time.

At this point in life, I was going on dates, but I hand’t met “the one,” and I knew at this point in my life, I needed to focus on finishing my degree…while still making sure to be a successful middle school teacher.

My social life had changed quite a bit.

I worked from 7am-3 pm, drove home to relax for an hour. Then would start studying or doing homework for a few hours, I’d hit the gym, eat dinner, then the same thing the next day.

Me with my dad on a trip to Canada Summer of 2013

On Wednesday I would go straight from work to Weber State University for classes until 10 pm.

Life was going along just fine.

And I had somewhat forgotten about the cute boy I met at the birthday party months ago.


One Sunday, I had gone to church and there was a new girl in our ward.

I had only had this happen one other time in my life.

But I had such a STRONG feeling that this girl needed to be my friend.

Call me crazy, but I was drawn to her.

She was kind, she was beautiful and sweet, and very intelligent.

At the time my logical brain said “Christy you can hardly hang out with the friends you have, between work and grad school.”

However, I couldn’t shake that this awesome girl, was meant to be a good friend.

And sure enough, this new friend Whitney, became one of my dearest friends.

We clicked. There was no drama, she was kind and easy to get along with.

We had a lot of things in common and it was just a nice “break” to be around her.

My friend’s name was Whitney, and little did I know that being her friend would make such a big impact in my life.

She is still a dear friend to this day….and because of her, I officially met my husband.

Moral of the story, don’t shake those feelings or promptings you have.

God is in the details and He is always looking out for us in so many ways.

More to come ….


Christy Lee

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Some Of My Favorite Quotes From Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Sunday is the perfect day to ponder wonderful thoughts from church leaders.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I love learning from our leaders.

Our church is Christian, so if you believe in our Savior Jesus Christ and in Heavenly Father, you will enjoy these quotes.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

I am constantly trying to remind my kids of this quote. Sometimes doing the right thing is hard. It’s not easy to be humble enough to ask forgiveness from somewhat. It’s hard to be the only one at school that doesn’t participate in certain behaviors and such. But at the end of the day, the harder “right” is what will shape is into the spiritual strengths that we want to be.

Such a beautiful quote

With this next quote talking about consistently reading the book of Mormon. I truly strive to make the Book of Mormon a priority in my life.

I personally, have seen the power the scriptures can bring into our lives.

I don’t want to miss a day and miss out on the power and spiritual influence it can bring into our lives.

I love this quote because it’s a reminder to us women that our Faith can create miracles within our homes and families.

I was a single sister for many years before I found my husband, and I can tell you that even as a single sister, Faith is key to unlocking spiritual power and and beauty around us.

I think this quote is important for every soul on the planet to remember.

We are in charge of creating our “happy life.” And yes this happy life will come with bumps and bruises, scrapes and sores.

However, it is possible to create that happy life if we make God and our Savior Jesus Christ our priority, all things will fall into place.

I hope that your Sunday is filled with peace and love.

I challenge you to choose one thing this week that can uplift your more spiritually.

left human hand photo
Photo by Jonas Ferlin on

Let me know what you choose to do.

Mine is to prioritize morning prayer.

Happy Sabbath!


Christy Lee

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Don’t Pass Up This Great Deals From

When has great deal, you have to snag them while the products are in stock. So I had to make sure and share some hot deals before they are gone!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

These phone cases + 2 grips is a great deal at just $11.99! They have previously been $29.99 so I am sure they won’t last long!

I love the variety of colors offered.

The grips that go along with this phone are useful and handy!

Check out this Desk Calendar and Sticker Bundle for just $9.97 shipped!

What a cute way to stay organized! I love the variety of stickers you have to choose from.

These cute and decorative Hello Spring Art Prints are the perfect addition to any home.

There is a wide variety to choose from at the low price of only $5.45

Easily a great way to get a print for each month or holiday. (Frames not included).

Enjoy shopping!


Christy Lee