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Our Little Love Story…Part 1

My husband and me probably do not have the typical love story in any way. So, with Valentines Day around the corner I thought I would share our love story in pieces.

First, some background you must know.

My husband Brad and I were single in Utah for much longer than most people tend to stay single.

brown steel letter b wall decor
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We both VERY much wanted to be married and to have a family…but we both had experienced some challenges in the dating world. Things just hadn’t worked out.

Dating brought us both through many ups and downs, which in a way, made both of us a bit weary of blind dates or set ups at all.

Keep that in mind as I continue on…..

I was invited to my friend Marianne’s birthday party.

It was a fun “Mustache” birthday party.

And in the picture we took…we all had mustaches on…all but One.

There was one in the picture who put his finger above his mouth to create a mustache…and well, I thought this guy was quite cute.

I saw that my friend had been talking to this “cute guy,” so I asked her if she would introduce us.

She brushed it off and said “He’s like 31 and not married, he’s not the type that wants to settle down.” And she left it at that.

Who was that guy? Well, I found out his name…his name was Brad…….

So I may have Facebook stocked him…through looking at mutual friends.

I found this picture and was quite smitten;)

Facebook did have it’s benefits for single people back in 2013!

More to come…


Christy Lee

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