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My Goals and Hopes for the Year of 2022

Every year I have a big list of goals to accomplish … and sometimes it’s too much to stay motivated.

So this year Im keeping it a bit more simple.

I try to hit all the areas: spiritual, physical, and emotional. I feel like all three of these areas go hand in hand and it’s important to create goals within each areas.

I would love to hear your goals too!

Best of luck to our Nee Year!

Here are my 8 Goals for the Year of 2022

1. Ponder the scriptures every day. I don’t want to just quickly read the scriptures, but my hope is to read the scriptures and think about how the scriptures can apply to my life and my family’s life.

2. Go to bed by 10:30 pm every night. This can help me feel refreshed.

3. Read one book every month.

4. Be able to do 30 push-ups without stopping.

5. Lessen my caffeine intake.

6. Have a designated reading time with our kids each day.

7. Plan monthly date nights with my husband.

8. Plan out blogging and Instagram posts every week.

Maybe there’s some ideas for your goals too?!

Happy New Year!


Christy Lee

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