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3 Item’s On My Winter Wish List/For Under $40!

When the cold weather blows in, there are some items that make the wish list.

I know sweaters and anything warm and cuddly come to my mind.

What would you add to your winter wishlist?

Hopefully some of these items appeal to you as well.

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Funky Lovin’ Colorblock Sweater

I love that this color block sweater comes in a variety of colors! And at the price of only $34.99 you can’t beat that price for such a beautiful sweater!

Touchscreen Gloves

These adorable touchscreen gloves are not only warm and cozy, but they make it possible to use your phone without taking them off!

These gloves come in a variety of colors.

And at the price of only $14.99, you can’t pass them up!

Women’s Super Soft Pull-on Joggers

These cute and comfy pull-on joggers are not only comfortable, but they are very stylish as well.

These joggers come in a variety of colors, and are priced at only $24.99

What color would you choose? I love them all!

Hopefully you enjoy some of these winter wish list items. is one of my most favorite places to shop from!


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