cooked food on a cast iron pan
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Gluten-Free Tip Of The Week

Have you ever stopped to think that there are some really healthy aspects to living a gluten free lifestyle?

Yes some of the grains and nutrients we miss out on from wheat flour is hard… but overall by eating less carbs we are much healthier.

I’ve been learning more about healthy living this past year.

And really what stands out a lot is that protein and fruits and veggies are ideal!

cooked food on a cast iron pan

Carbohydrates provide us with energy.

But guess what?

We can get that energy from fruits and veggies.

So my point is…living a gluten free lifestyle helps us cut down on all the extra complex carbs that our bodies really don’t need!

Do we miss the baked good and tasty treats?

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Of course!

Is it alright to indulge into these tasty treats every now and again?


But with all that I have learned in the past year, I am truly realizing that cutting out all the complex carbs is actually a blessing in disguise.


Christy Lee

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