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Don’t Miss Out On This Great Priced Winter Decor!

If you find your house looking quite dull after taking down Christmas, don’t miss out on these cute Winter Itty Bitties Signs that are sold in a set of two!

There are a variety of cute signs to choose from. These signs can add a cute wintery touch to your home.

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These items ship for just $14.99! Such a great deal for great products.

Which two signs would you choose?



Christy Lee

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A Book I Can’t Wait To Read To Help Me With New Year Habits!

After listening to one of my favorite podcasts 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms I learned about a wonderful book on Habit’s by BJ Fogg entitled “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything.

Just the short introduction I had about this book, I am so excited to read this book and create new, healthy habits.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

The author BJ Fogg has creating habits down to a very cool science.

Fogg has had huge success with helping people create good habits and this book is key to making those new habits work and be successful.

If you have read this book let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

After I am finished reading I will follow up with more, but I am very excited to learn all about how to transform this upcoming year of 2022 by creating good habits.


Christy Lee

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10 Fun & Unexpected Facts About Me

It’s been almost three years since I started this blog and sometimes I forget to share about the person behind the posts.

So just for fun, here are 10 Fun & Unexpected Facts About Me:

1. I have traveled to 5 out of the 7 continents… I haven’t made it to Australia or Antarctica.

2. Because I was so indecisive on my major in college I have a double minor in health and English as a Second language.

3. I hate germs.

4. I love anything crafty… except for sewing!

5. My favorite sport to watch is football.

6. My favorite gluten free dinner is roast with potatoes and gravy.

7. I do not like seafood.

8. My husband and I were set up on a blind date.

9. I’m married to an identical twin.

10. One day I would love to learn the electric guitar!

So do we have anything in common ?


Christy Lee

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Is Your Gluten-Free Emergency Pack Ready? Here’s some tips and tricks.

I’m re-sharing this post because everyone year it comes up again.

It’s time for me to re-stock my gluten free emergency pack.

Here is the link to my list of gluten free items to pack in your emergency 72 hour kit.

Let me know what else you’d add… I’d love to hear!

On a side note—I use a sturdy and strong backpack.

Don’t be like me and wait for an earthquake to remind you to be prepared… it’s good to be ready to go any time!

Here’s to starting out the New Year organized!


Christy Lee

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Don’t Snooze On This Cute Cardigan On Sale!

This adorable and stylish long eye lash cardigan is currently on sale for only $41.99 ..and it was $82.99! Such a great deal for a beautiful cardigan.

This cardigan comes in a variety of colors too!

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What color would you choose ?

Grab it before it’s gone !


Christy Lee

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You Won’t Want to Miss Out on Seint Beauty’s Unboxing Sale!/ Up to 50% Off Select Items!

Seint Beauty products are my favorite beauty products.

I became a Seint Artist over two years ago and love the products so much!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

Currently, Seint is having an unboxing sell with up to 50% off select items! Click here to see!

This unboxing sell lasts from December 26-31 while supplies last.

I hope you enjoy some great deals on makeup and beauty items!

These Seint items can make great birthday gifts for anyone!

I’m particularly excited for the small lip and cheek tins for only $10.00! These lip and cheek colors are limited edition so I will be snagging some myself.

Let me know if you have any questions?!

And Seint beauty only currently ships to Canada and the USA.


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A Great Podcast Episode to Motivate You For The New Year!

I have mentioned Jody Moore’s podcast multiple times on the blog because it’s amazing!

This particular podcast episode talks about getting motivated and “unstuck.” This topic is great motivation for setting goals this New Year.

I hope you enjoy this episode and let me know what stood out to you in the comments below!


Christy Lee

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A Children’s Book All Mother’s Need To Own!

This book “You’ve Got This Mama!” by Megan Park is incredible!

The book is so relatable to all mothers who have ever had young children or any children at all!

This cute book is a reminder that being a mother is a full time job with hard days, but oh so wonderful days as well.

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

I personally have a hard time reading it without getting emotional, it’s beautifully written.

The illustrations are beautiful too, and my kids love it when I read it to them.

And at the price of only $11.99, you’re getting a great deal for a wonderful book!

Hope you enjoy it!


Christy Lee

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My Goals and Hopes for the Year of 2022

Every year I have a big list of goals to accomplish … and sometimes it’s too much to stay motivated.

So this year Im keeping it a bit more simple.

I try to hit all the areas: spiritual, physical, and emotional. I feel like all three of these areas go hand in hand and it’s important to create goals within each areas.

I would love to hear your goals too!

Best of luck to our Nee Year!

Here are my 8 Goals for the Year of 2022

1. Ponder the scriptures every day. I don’t want to just quickly read the scriptures, but my hope is to read the scriptures and think about how the scriptures can apply to my life and my family’s life.

2. Go to bed by 10:30 pm every night. This can help me feel refreshed.

3. Read one book every month.

4. Be able to do 30 push-ups without stopping.

5. Lessen my caffeine intake.

6. Have a designated reading time with our kids each day.

7. Plan monthly date nights with my husband.

8. Plan out blogging and Instagram posts every week.

Maybe there’s some ideas for your goals too?!

Happy New Year!


Christy Lee

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My Top Favorite Gluten-Free Cream of Chicken Soup!

I truly feel that once I found this gluten-free cream of chicken soup it was a game changer with cooking!

I always cook with this brand of cream of chicken soup!

This gluten-free Pacific brand cream of chicken soup tastes the closest to the regular cream of chicken soup.

Many of the other gluten-free cream of chickens had a tangy flavor to it, but this Pacific brand cream of chicken tastes amazing!

Such a great quality cream of chicken soup!

You can find this soup at Kroger brand stores, or here on Amazon for $3.95 per can.

Hopefully this can help you with all your gluten-free cooking.



Christy Lee