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Cozy Items That Are Perfect Christmas Gift For Under $30!

Winter and the holiday season screams cozy right?

So here are my hand-picked cozy outfit ideas at under $30!

Hopefully you find something you enjoy!

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Cozy Cardigan

This Cozy Cardigan is not only cozy but its beautiful and stylish too.

And at the price of only $29.99, this cardigan is a great deal!

The cardigan also comes in a variety of colors to enjoy!

Such a beautiful cardigan

Comfy Cotton Jogger Set

This jogger set is cute, stylish and comfortable.

This jogger set would be perfect to where during the holiday break.

And at the price of only $29.99 you can’t go wrong!

This jogger set comes in a variety of colors and sizes too!

Look how sleek and beautiful this set is!

Popular, Cozy CC Beanie

These cute beanies are not only comfy, but they are very affordable.

At the current price of only $12.99, these beanies are the perfect cozy gift!

Even better, they come in a variety of colors

Which color would you choose?

Cozy Sherpa Socks

Can we even talk about cozy without something cozy on our feet?

These cozy sherpa socks are the perfect cozy gift, possibly a gift for yourself!

At the price of only $7.99, you can’t pass up these adorable socks!

And the variety of colors these socks come in are so great!

Hopefully you find something cozy and enjoyable whether it’s a gift for you or someone else!

What other finds do you want me to look for?

I am here to help!

Happy Holidays!

xoxo, Christy Lee