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Gluten-Free Tip of the Week/My Tips on How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Gluten-Free

Thanksgiving week can be such a fun and enjoyable time for families throughout the USA.

However, when dealing with celiacs or gluten-intolerance, Thanksgiving can be a bit stressful if not prepared.

food love dinner eating
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My Tips on How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Gluten-Free

  1. Communicate with those you are sharing Thanksgiving with to make sure there are gluten-free options. Communicate this is in a kind and well-mannered way.
  2. Bring plenty of your own gluten-free food for Thanksgiving Day.
  3. Make sure the gluten-free items you bring are items you KNOW you like to eat. It is not fun to be excited to try a new gluten-free product just to be disappointed. Make sure you know the items you choose are delicious and tasty.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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