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A Christmas Gift Your Little Girls Will Love! And at a Great Price!

This adorable washable makeup kit would make the perfect Christmas gift for any little girl!

The variety of makeup items and colors will be exciting and fun for any little girl.

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And at the low price of only $7.99, you can’t beat this price!

To purchase this cute makeup kit click here.


Christy Lee

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Gluten-Free Tip of the Week/My Tips on How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Gluten-Free

Thanksgiving week can be such a fun and enjoyable time for families throughout the USA.

However, when dealing with celiacs or gluten-intolerance, Thanksgiving can be a bit stressful if not prepared.

food love dinner eating
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My Tips on How to Enjoy Thanksgiving Gluten-Free

  1. Communicate with those you are sharing Thanksgiving with to make sure there are gluten-free options. Communicate this is in a kind and well-mannered way.
  2. Bring plenty of your own gluten-free food for Thanksgiving Day.
  3. Make sure the gluten-free items you bring are items you KNOW you like to eat. It is not fun to be excited to try a new gluten-free product just to be disappointed. Make sure you know the items you choose are delicious and tasty.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Christy Lee