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When The Light Came/ A Poem Written For A Dear Friend That Passed Away

There’s something about November that is somber for me.

November 10 of 2018 I received a call…a call that was sad and heartbreaking.

My dear friend that I’d been close to since the age of thirteen…had passed away, he was young, he was only 33.

I think of my friend often and miss him. However I have faith and believe he is in a better place.

Nonetheless… this poem was part of my grieving process.

I wanted to share it with you. Perhaps it can help you through the grieving process as well.

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When the light came

When the light came, I was not scared

When the light came, I moved forward.

I saw the beauty, peace, and happiness that

awaited me there, and when the light came I went.

When the light came, I knew my time was finished here on this earth.

My past family and loved ones surrounded me, and joy encompassed my soul.

When the light came I knew that I would now be the guardian angel.

To protect my loved ones and family, and to be with them in their hearts.

When the light came I was fulfilled and I knew my life was complete.

For now, you see, the light set me free, and I know that is what was meant for me.

So do not mourn or feel heartache and sorrow, for my spirit lives on and on.

My light will now shine for you, and one day too, the light will set you free,

and when the light comes you’ll find me!

Written by: Christy Nielson Austin

November 10th, 2018

In memory of my loving and dearest friend Troy Dean Osmond

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