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The Best Gluten-free CHEESEBALLS!

Aren’t cheeseballs just a wonderful item to snack on?

This cheeseball recipe is definitely a family favorite of ours.

This recipe is simple and easy and it makes 3 medium size cheeseballs.

With the holiday season approaching .. this cheeseball is the perfect addition to any holiday party!

To watch the YouTube on how to make this tasty cheeseball:

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*2-3 stalks of green onion

*2 packages of Philadelphia cream cheese

*2 teaspoons of LAWRYS seasoning salt

* 8 ounce can of crushed pineapple (drained)

* 8 ounce bag of walnuts (chop them quite finely).

You will love this cheeseball! Simple to make and delicious to eat!


1. Spread out wax paper about the size of a cookie sheet next to the bowl you will combine cheeseball into.

2. On a cutting board, finely chop green onion and place them into bowl.

3. Chop walnuts finely then spread the walnuts evenly across the wax paper. Set aside.

4. Add the following ingredients into the bowl with the green onion: cream cheese, Lawrys seasoning salt and pineapple

5. Using gloves, combine ingredients together. Make 3 medium size cheeseballs .

6. Roll finished cheeseballs through the chopped walnuts and cover completely.

7. Enjoy the cheeseball with your favorite gluten free cracker.


Christy Lee

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