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When You Eat Something That’s Gluten-free and It Doesn’t Taste Good!

It happens, and I would argue that sometimes this happens more than it should.

You bite into something new that you’ve never tried before, it’s gluten-free and you are excited.

Perhaps your expectations are rolling high.

Then, as you taste the food item, you realize–you don’t like it at all.

You think of the money you wasted on that food item, and you’re mad.

hand holding fan of us dollar bills
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Just remember…to move on.

Yes, it’s no fun to eat an item that you were really hoping would be great, and it disappointed you.

Take note what the item was …and never buy it again.

Don’t dwell on the fact that you ate something that was gross.

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It happens.

Luckily we live in a world with many great gluten-free food items.

Go treat yourself to a gluten-free food item you do enjoy!

GLuten-free living comes with challenges, but perspective is everything!


Christy Lee

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