My Top Favorite Mascara–and it’s at a Great Price!

I have shared it once, and I will share it again!

As you know…I LOVE make up!

So much that I am a Seint makeup artist.

Seint does not sell mascara for lashes so I have hunted and tried about everything.

This model is using Lash Princess

I have tried expensive brands to cheap and all in between and want to know what my favorite brand is?

This Lash Princess brand that is ONLY sold on Amazon.

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My favorite mascara

The price is currently only $4.99, so why not try it right?

Click here to purchase.

And then let me know how you like it!

Here is a picture where I am using this mascara. I do not have fake lashes so they are natural, and I really do feel like this mascara helps define each lash so well.

It’s not a close up, but I just love the definition it gives my lashes!



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